No IPL match in Delhi due to night curfew? Satyendra Jain cleared the situation

The IPL matches here are also under the cloud as the night curfew has been imposed in the capital to control the fourth wave of corona in Delhi. Whether or not the IPL match will be played in Delhi on April 29, nothing can be said for now.

When Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain was asked about exempting teams from participating in the IPL match in Delhi on April 29 at night curfew, we have so far turned our attention to Corona.

Jain said the positivity rate in Delhi is going at 5% or more. The Delhi government is constantly increasing the number of beds in hospitals, increasing the number of beds by over 2,000 in the last three days, to 2,000-2,500 beds in the next two-three days.

Satyendra Jain said the ‘AAP’ government was vigilant about the state of the epidemic and was monitoring the situation. All those who are eligible should be vaccinated as soon as possible. In addition, we must wash hands frequently with masks and social distance, only then can we avoid the disease.

Tell us about 5100 new corona cases were reported on Tuesday in Delhi this year. According to the Delhi Department of Health, the death toll rose to 11,113 on Tuesday after 17 more patients died of the infection. In the past few weeks, amid a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, the infection rate has reached 4.93 percent. On November 27 last year, 5,482 cases were reported in the capital.

In Delhi, the number of infected persons on Tuesday rose to 6,85,062, with 6.56 lakh patients being cured. As of Monday, 3,548 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Delhi, killing 15 people. On Sunday, 4033 new cases were reported and 21 patients died. 3,567 new cases were registered on Saturday while 3594 new cases were reported on Friday.

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According to the health bulletin, the death toll rose to 11,113 Tuesday after 17 more patients died from the infection. According to the bulletin, the number of active patients rose to 17,332 compared to the previous 14,589 patients a day. According to the bulletin, a total of 1,03,453 samples were tested one day in advance, including 69,667 probes by the RT-PCR method and 33,786 probes by the rapid antigen method. There were 8,871 people in the household and 7,983 in Monday. The number of container zones has also increased to 3291. The previous day it was 3090.

Discounts are given to people who are related to these businesses at night curfew

The Arvind Kejriwal government has imposed a seven-hour night curfew with effect from Tuesday, taking into account the increasing number of Kovid-19 cases in Delhi. However, people with certain businesses are exempt from this. The decision was taken by DDMA after reviewing the situation of Kovid-19 in Delhi. The DDMA will be in effect from 10 am to 5 pm on the night curfew order April 30. Those traveling during the curfew for the Kovid-19 vaccination must carry a soft or hard copy of the e-pass, which can be obtained from the Delhi government’s website.

According to an order issued by the chief secretary and chairman of the DDMA Executive Board, the number of cases of Covid-19 in the nation’s capital has suddenly increased over the past few days and a high rate of infection is being observed. As per the ordinance, the night curfew is to be imposed in Delhi from 10 am to 5 am and only necessary activities and services are allowed as an emergency.

Traffic is allowed when pregnant women, patients, people traveling to airports, railway stations and bus terminuses, diplomatic offices and officials with constitutional posts have a valid identity card.

All medical institutions, police, prisons, home guards, firefighters and other emergency services will be exempt from the central and Delhi government officials involved in health and family welfare.

The district administration, pay and account office, electricity, water and sanitation, public transport, disaster management and other essential services officers will be allowed to enter the night curfew, showing valid identification cards.

Doctors, nursing staff and other hospital-related services, diagnostic centers, clinics, pharma hospitals, ce medical companies and other health care services will also be exempt from this mandate.

In addition, e-passes for people working in the grocery business, fruit and vegetable vendors, dairy and milk booths, animal feed etc. businesses, banks, insurance offices and ATMs, private security firms, media, telecommunications and internet services. The show will have the opportunity to travel at night.