Not only are bad habits, stress can make you sick, you can get around these big ailments

Stress taking side effects: It is often believed that a person suffers from many major illnesses due to alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of good eating habits or exercise. But did you know that you also need to be careful if you take the stress on the little things without doing all this work? Tell us what diseases are causing a person too much stress.

What is flight response

To cope with stress, the body needs to use its own energy, known as flight response. In it, the nervous system directs the adrenal gland to release adrenaline and cortisol, which affects digestion.

Fatal to the heart-
Adrenaline hormones released when the pressure is high can cause sudden fluctuations in blood pressure, creating a risk of chronic heart disease.

Severe pain in the brain
Stress has a bad effect on the brain. It can cause headaches and blood clots in the nerves of the brain.

Lack of water in the body-

Excessive stress can increase blood circulation and cause water loss in the body. This will make the person feel tired and the skin will dry and darken.

By taking too much pressure, the immune system gradually weakens and the person can catch any infection quickly.

Often times, even vomiting begins with a feeling of slight abdominal pain, stiffness, etc. during stress.

– Pet issues
During high stress, most of the body’s energy is spent dealing with it. In this case, the body’s innate system begins to weaken, which is directly related to the person’s digestion.

Low loss
The digestive process of the overweight person is slowed down, leading to loss of appetite. Slowly, problems such as gas, vomiting and dizziness begin to appear in such people.

Relief to reduce stress

Uttanasana reduces digestive distress and stress. Moreover, meditation is also beneficial.