Now Reliance Jio Corona helps you get the vaccine, has launched a good service

Many people are having trouble booking a corona vaccination slot. To alleviate this problem of consumers, Reliance Jio has also launched a special service which makes it easy to find slots for the vaccine. In fact, Reliance Industries and other customer services have now begun to provide information on the availability of the coronavirus vaccine through the WhatsApp chatbot.

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With this exclusive service of Reliance Jio, people no longer need a one-time password to refresh a bar session. They should be able to easily find information about the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine without any hassle.

Geo users get these services through the WhatsApp chatbot
Geo users will now be able to recharge their phones via the WhatsApp chatbot. In addition, this chatbot helps you answer your questions and register complaints. In addition, information on the availability of the COVID-19 vaccination will also be provided.

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Take advantage of this kind of geo special service
To use Geo User’s WhatsApp chatbot service, you must first save 70007770007 on your mobile phone. After this, start chatting with the Geo chatbot by opening WhatsApp and typing Hi. After this, you need to enter the PIN code of the area where you want to get the vaccine.

The special thing is that the chatbot also works for users on other mobile networks, that is, other users may also receive vaccine-related information. When an application for information access is received from an unregistered number or from a non-Geo network, the Geo Chatbot first checks the user.

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