Now the youth will have to give only one examination, the national recruitment agency approved by the center

New Delhi: The central government has taken a historic step for the youth. The government has approved the National Recruitment Agency, which will benefit crores of youth of the country. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar (Prakash Javadekar) said on Wednesday that there was a cabinet meeting in which several important decisions were taken.

He said that youths have to take a lot of exams for jobs, to end all this, a National Recruitment Institute will be established. He said that the National Recruitment Institution will take the Common Eligibility Test, which will benefit crores of youth. He said, now there will be an examination, his suffering will be removed and there will be a chance to go further.

Prakash Javadekar said that there will be no need to give separate examination for the primary examination of Railway, Banking and SSC. An agency will be formed for these three. There will be same application, same fee, same examination. The score of this exam will be valid for three years. Till now only two languages ​​were allowed to take the exam, but through this, the candidate can take the exam in 12 languages.

He said that right now the National Recruitment Agency will take the exam for only three institutions, but in future all the central institutions will take the examination. About 2.5 crore students participate in these three institutions.

Government secretary C. Chandramouli said that there are more than 20 recruitment agencies in the central government. Right now we are doing the examination of only three agencies, over time we will do the Common Eligibility Test for all recruitment agencies.

Apart from this, the management and operation of 6 airports have been given to private players. This will provide good facilities to the passengers. He said that it was decided to lease Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram, which will benefit from the development of smaller airports.

Javadekar said that to give relief to the DISCOMs of the state, the power finance corporation and rural electrification corporation, which had the right to give half of the working capital 25 per cent loan, will get above the working capital limit this year.

The government has also taken a big decision in the interest of sugarcane farmers. The Union Minister said that the beneficial price for 1 crore sugarcane farmers has been increased to Rs 285. Per quintal is fixed. This is based on 10% recovery. Even if the recovery is 9.5% or less, giving protection to sugarcane farmers is Rs 270. Price will be available.

He said that the government also takes ethanol at a good price. The government paid Rs 60 last year. Bought 190 million liters of ethanol at the rate of per liter.

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