NPS Scheme: There are 5 great benefits of investing in a national pension system, check out the details

NPS Scheme: Now most people in the government and private sector want to invest in a pension scheme so that there is no money shortage after retirement. In such a situation, the best option for them is the NPS scheme. Talking about the NPS scheme, Supreme Bandyopadhyay on PFRDA says, “This scheme provides many benefits to investors. Anti-risk investors can invest up to 75% of their money in equities. NPS offers good returns and Rs. Any Indians 18 to 70 years old can invest in this.

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Let’s learn about 5 benefits of NPS

Investment discount depending on your convenience: One of the great features of this project is that it has no upper or lower limits. That is, there is no pressure on investors regarding installments.

Both husband and wife can invest: The husband and wife can invest separately. If both run their family business, they can secure their old age by investing in it. Also, both of them can get different taxes to invest in this project.

Benefits for both employee and company: This is a great way to show confidence in employees. The company can invest in this scheme for its employees. In addition, if employees are happy on the one hand, the company, on the other hand, can get this investment in business expenses under Section 36 (1) (IVA) of the Income Tax Rules.

Tax Exemption: A self-employed person can claim a tax deduction of up to 20 percent of his annual investment. At the same time, such employees who receive salaries may receive a tax deduction on investment from their employer.

Entrepreneurs can also invest in: There is also the benefit of investing in this project, for some reason you can personally invest in it if the company is closed. This is because it is considered a personal investment.

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