Ola AirPro: Ola Electric is bringing a flying car! April Frank must be charged once in life if not frank

Ola AirPro Electric Flying Car: Ola, the country’s leading cab provider, is now preparing to release a driverless flying car. Is it ok Of course, this should be the first question on your mind. In fact, the company’s CEO Bhavesh Agarwal today announced on Twitter that he will be introducing the company’s new driverless flying car Ola AirPro. After that there was a flood of comments about this post by Bhavesh on social media, some praising the company’s new project and some calling it April Fool Prank.

Today is April 1, the day of fools. Yesterday, the German automaker Volkswagen also announced that it would change its name to use the ‘T’ instead of the letter ‘K’ and the company’s name was Volkswagen. It was also issued a press release, after which it was promoted by the US media. It was later revealed that this was only a precaution the company had made during the April Fool.

Bhavesh Agarwal is considering something similar about this post. “I am excited to introduce the world’s first fully autonomous electric flying car. Now every family flies,” Bhavesh wrote in his post. People have received so many responses to this tweet that famous writer Chetan Bhagat said, “Superb! Can I open a window to eat fresh air during flight … and prime drama because there is no fun without music?”

At the same time, another user wrote it down, what a great idea and product. Poet Pritish Nandi wrote, “Wow, this is a great success! Congratulations”. But in a second tweet, he wrote that this was the best joke of the day. In addition, users have written that Ola WagonR only comes to accept whatever you do.

However, people have commented on this post that they are enjoying their own way. But Bhavesh Agarwal has linked his post to the website, which provides all the information about the company’s upcoming flying car. So let’s learn about some special information on Ola AirPro’s website –

How to Ola AirPro Flying Car:

Ola AirPro is an autonomous (driverless) electric flying car, you don’t even need a license to fly it. It has self-charging Puracell battery technology that can be charged only once in a lifetime. After this, this flying car can fly throughout life. It used vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology, which can be dropped vertically.

Ola AirPro Electric Flying Car

It has no engine, and its cabin is one of the best in its segment. It uses auto-noise canceling technology, which keeps the cabin environment quiet. This flying car comes pre-charged and does not need to be recharged. There are many different types of sensors that help with mapping and navigation.

These flying cars can be flown in the air and driven off the ground. Its top speed on the ground is 200 kilometers per hour, and it can fly at up to 350 kilometers per hour in the air. It can be flown at a height of 10,000 feet, and its total weight is just 333 kg. This flying car can be unloaded anywhere.

You should understand by reading the features of this flying car, it is undoubtedly the April Fool that the company has made. So don’t take it seriously, enjoy it.