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Oru Orula Oru Princess 18-10-2020 TV Tea TV Oru Orula Oru Princess 18.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Oru Orla Oru Princess 18/10/2020 Tamil Tamil TV Series 18 October 2020
Watch ಟಿವಿ Tamil TV Oru Orula Oru Princess 18.10.20 Serial Oru Orula Oru Princess 18/10/20 Latest Today Issue Online.
Oru Orula Oru Princess 18-10-2020 – Tami Tee Tamil Serial | Tamil TV Oru Orla Oru Princess 18-10-20 | Tamil TV Serial 18 October 2020

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Tamil Oru Orula Oru Princess 18 October 2020 Issue 01 Review / Discussion:

The story relates to a young, overweight girl named Rasati (Ashwini) who battles body shaming. Rati, a young, kind and popular girl, is facing prejudice because of her size. Later, he marries the village’s best kabaddi player, Inian. Their relationship is the main focus of the series. The plot of the story is taken from the Bado multiple serial which airs on & TV.
More than the average plump female rascal. Though loving and courageous, the mother worries about her daughter’s appearance at Shenbaga, how she marries and what her future looks like. But at the same time everything changes. Rasati Kabaddi marries player Inia. The story of the series is about how he lives after that.
Producer: Gul Khan, Karishma Bhutoria
Writer: Harneet Singh, DV Sharma, Aparajita Sharma, Mrinal Haha, Abhijit Sinha.
Mat Review: Rajan Singh
Cast: Nakul Mehta, Surbi Chandna, Kunal Jaisingh ..

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