Pakistani-American woman illegally detained from Noida on her way to India

Noida’s Champawat police have arrested a Pakistani-American woman, Farida Malik, who illegally entered India. Police have taken action after Champawat district court dismissed the appeal against the crime and bail. On 12 July 2019, Faridah was arrested while entering India from the international border of Banbasa without a passport and visa. He was booked under the Passport and Foreign Migration Act and sent to the Almora District Jail.

The High Court then granted conditional bail to Farida. At the hearing of the case, the Champawat CJM court found him guilty and sentenced him to four years rigorous imprisonment on March 5, 2020. Farida has challenged this decision in the Champawat District Court. On February 22, the district court dismissed Farida’s appeal and revoked his bail. The court also issued non-bailable warrants against him. Farida was arrested by the Banbasa police station on Friday evening from Sector-18 in Noida.

A police team appeared in court on Saturday after the arrest of Farida Malik from Noida. He was sent to jail on a court order. In March last year, the Champawat CJM court sentenced him to four years in prison.

Lokeshwar Singh, SP, Champawat

Faridah created a ruckus outside the court by calling the police an abuse

Champawat Pakistani-American woman Farida Malik created the ruckus outside the Champawat court premises on Saturday. She was constantly threatening police officers on duty. He is also accused of insulting police personnel. During the protest, she threatened to slap a female inspector and other police personnel. The police personnel were also disturbed by this act. SI Anju Yadav and two other policemen from Banbasa reached the court premises around 12 noon.

After that, Farida urged the police personnel to call her lawyer. Despite all efforts, Farida became angry with police personnel for not getting a phone. Farida was complaining that she didn’t even ask for tea on the way. She started acting strange after seeing people on the court premises. Police personnel, who are engaged in custody duty, said the accused woman was molested on the way when she was brought here from Noida.

Intelligence agencies have been keeping an eye on Farida for a long time!

Champawat After all, who is Farida? Why has she been coming to India through Nepal for the past several years? She was said to have been on the radar of the country’s intelligence agencies before her arrest in Banbasa a year and a half ago. Despite all efforts, no significant clue about it has been found so far. However, every movement in India has been subtly observed. Farida Malik is also a famous singer and actress of Pakistan. He has also performed stage shows in many countries.

According to sources, the investigation revealed that Farida Malik had been visiting India regularly before 2008. At that time he lived in many areas including Bhopal, Indore and Mumbai. However, his visit was later banned. She has since moved to Kathmandu. The intelligence agencies came to the rescue after the sudden arrest of Banbasa about a year and a half ago. At the same time he was interrogated for several hours, but no major clue was obtained. The intelligence agencies were on alert after they got out of jail.