Pakistani minister said – Skeleton shells had been lying for a long time, testing on protesters

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the Pakistani government minister who has been in the spotlight frequently after making indecent statements, has once again made a controversial statement. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, who has long been concerned about the release of ashtrays on employees protesting wage hikes in the country, has said that the test sheets have long been needed, so testing is necessary.

At an event in Rawalpindi, Ahmad said Islamabad police had flown some sack shells and that this was necessary because the ashram was lying for a long time and was not used. He claims that only a small amount of ash is used.

Rasheed said, “The real problem is not the tearing down of tear gas shells, but the salary increase, which in the inflationary period increases the government’s coffers by billions of rupees.”

Tell us that on February 10, the Pakistani police fired squalid shells at protesting government employees demanding an increase in salaries and pensions.

However, this statement of the Pakistani minister is being heavily criticized in his country and people are asking for his apology.

According to ‘Sama TV’, at least two thousand protesters were marching towards the Parliament House when the police released tornado shells.