Pankaj Udhas said- People’s love for Ghazal will never diminish

The magic of the voice of Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas still speaks to the chief of the people. Pankaj has been chasing people through their ghazal for the past 41 years. He believes that no matter how time goes on, people’s love for Ghazal will never diminish.

In Lucknow, Pankaj Udhas gave the first live performance between the corona era. At this time, he said, “I have always believed that you have to keep up with the times. Currently, digital media is the most important tool for communicating with people. Through this, I want to introduce many concepts about ghazals and poetry, which I have in mind.”

Pankaj Udhas is working on a music project with playwright Salim Arif. “I’m working on a show about Mirza Ghalib,” he said. Its focus is on them, but as we’ve seen in the Epic Serial, it’s different. From next month, listeners will hear new singles in which they get information on songs, compositions, lyrics and more. ”

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He said, “Over time, music has changed many dimensions and this change is mainly due to technology and sound design, but the good thing about ghazal is that its original components have not changed. People still find peace and solitude in the ghazals when they are tired.”

Pankaj Udhas says that the ghazals of the 80s and 90s are still relevant today. “Music was the biggest source of entertainment because TV only came later and there was no internet,” he said. We waited for cassettes to get the full attention of the audience and music lovers. Today we have all the songs on the internet, but people have no time for music. He no longer listens to music as he listens. The enthusiasm and attention from the audience was not there at first. Maybe it’s because of a busy lifestyle and work. ”

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Pankaj Udhas said that there was always a demand for my songs sung in the movies, but when the young people came to me and requested ‘through the walls’, ‘their house on one side’ and ‘those close to you’, it felt good. People’s love for ghazals never fails.