Petrol is available here at Rs 2, 4 and Rs 10 per liter, see- which 10 countries have lower prices

In February, petrol prices in India reached historic lows. Its price in Sriranganagar, Rajasthan is more than 100 rupees. However, with India’s neighbors, petrol in the world is only Rs 2, 4 or Rs 10. Let us tell you which countries are:

The price of petrol in Venezuela is one and a half rupees
According to the website, which lists petrol and diesel prices in countries around the world, the price of petrol in Venezuela in Latin America on February 22 is about 1 paise to 45 paise per Indian currency.

Petrol gets 4 rupees a liter in Iran
Iran comes after Venezuela in terms of cheap petrol sales. Petrol costs 4 paise and 39 paise in Iran

Top countries selling cheap petrol
After Venezuela and Iran, the Angola petrol costs Rs 17.77 per liter. After that, Algeria (Rs 25.032), Kuwait (Rs 25.133), Sudan (Rs 27.407), Kazakhstan (Rs 29.657), Qatar (Rs 29.825), Turkmenistan (Rs 31.084), Nigeria (Rs 31.568) .).

Cheaper petrol is also being sold in neighboring countries of India
It is also the cheapest petrol sold in neighboring countries of India. Surprisingly, these countries include Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan which are economically weak. The price of petrol in China is Rs 77.022, in Pakistan it is Rs 51.119, petrol in Sri Lanka is Rs 60.452 and in Nepal it is Rs 69.054. 49.564 in Bhutan and Rs.