Petrol price today: Sunday solution! Petrol and diesel prices will drop, check your city rates

Petrol Diesel Price Today: People affected by the increased oil prices have got some relief today. A month later, the petrol price was slashed. At the same time, after 3 days, diesel is cheaper again today. According to the website of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, petrol and diesel prices in Delhi have been reduced by 20 paise per liter. In the national capital, petrol today costs Rs 101.64 per liter and diesel Rs 89.07 per liter. Tell us what petrol and diesel is being sold in your city today.

Name of the city Petrol Rs Diesel Rs
Sri Ganga Nagar 113.51 102.77
Anupur 112.88 100.49
Reva 112.48 100.12
Jaipur 108.56 98.22
Indore 110.10 97.94
Bhopal 110.06 97.88
Mumbai 107.66 96.64
Patna 104.10 94.86
Bangalore 105.13 94.49
Ranchi 96.53 94.02
Chennai 99.32 93.66
Kolkata 101.93 92.13
Noida 89.92 89.64
Lucknow 98.70 89.45
Delhi 101.64 89.07
Chandigarh 97.80 88.77
Port Blair 85.14 83.09

Source: IOC

Because of this, oil became cheaper

Demand for crude oil in the US, which is the largest consumer of crude oil internationally, is not growing as expected. Brent crude fell by $ 1.37 per barrel to $ 65.18 after the Federal Reserve suggested ending the stimulus package for Kovid-19, and US crude oil fell by $ 1.27 per barrel.

This way the petrol and diesel rates will increase

Once excise duty, dealer commission and other items are included in petrol and diesel prices, its price will almost double. If the excise duty and VAT of the state government were removed, then the diesel and petrol rates would be Rs 27, but if it was the center or the state government, they would not be able to remove the tax at any cost. Because most of the income comes from here. This money will lead to development.

Prices are set every morning

As per the figures of August 16, the central government charges Rs 32.90 per liter of petrol in Delhi and the state government charges Rs 23.50. At the same time, the central government levies a tax of Rs 31.80 and the Delhi government 13. diesel. In addition, the Commodity and Dealer Commission is also included. Due to this reason petrol in Delhi costs Rs 41.24 per liter. Crude oil prices fell by 2020, but since then, the epidemic has increased, and the central government has increased the excise duty.

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