Playing Indian Casino Games Online

Online casino games have become universally popular. They are fun, engaging, and exciting at the same time. These games come in various forms, and some of them even have unique themes and storylines. But when it comes to Indian casino games, they are popular worldwide. Interested individuals can play them to win big prizes and bonuses.  

But one of the biggest advantages that you will get through these online casino games is that you can play them free. It will serve as a way for you to get familiar with the specific game before using your funds. Playing the casino games in India for free will also allow you to test out the game features without issues.  

Brief Information About Online Gambling In India 

Online wagering or gambling is completely legal in India. India is a nation with different states, and each state has its own set of gambling laws. Even though online gambling is legal in the country, states like Sikkim, Maharashtra have not legalized it yet. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1987, players can only place their wagers on skill-based games. But with the presence of individual state laws, wagering on a game of luck is also allowed.  

Types Of Indian Casino Games To Play 

There are many online casino games available in India where you can play either for free or with real money. These games will surely keep you engaged for a long time. These games are: 

1. Teen Patti

If you are familiar with Indian casinos, you might have heard about Teen Patti. This online casino game is pretty popular across the entire nation, and it’s played between 3 to 6 players along with a deck of 52 cards. 

This particular game can bring everything you expect from an online casino game, from strategy and excitement to massive rewards. Just like the Rummy and Poker games, Teen Patti also begins with players having only three cards.

Before the game begins, a boot amount is collected from all the players. After that, they get ranked according to their cards. You will only get to win if your cards are of the highest rank.  

2. Mini Flush Games

The variation of the popular Teen Patti flush games will provide you with numerous winning opportunities. Just like the classic flush, the game begins with 52 decks of cards. After that, the dealer will start to provide three cards to each player, including himself. All the cards will face down. 

Then all the players will have four circles, which are Bet [B], Ante [A], Low [L], and High [H]. Your main goal here is to defeat the dealer’s hand. The dealer carries a minimum need for their hand, and if that particular obligation is not met, they will lose the bet to all those players who have an Ante or Initial Bet.  

3. Maang Patta Games

Maang Patta is pretty similar to the Andar Bahar games. The whole game is pretty much the same, and it also carries the same set of rules. But the only difference between Andar Bahar and Maang Patta is their selection of the Joker card. In an Andar Bahar game, the dealer decides on the Joker. But in Maang Patta, you will get the opportunity to choose on your own. Apart from that, there is not much difference between these two games.  

Final Thoughts 

Online Indian casino games have taken the world by storm. They are available in various Indian casinos, and playing them wisely will allow you to win plenty of bonuses and prizes. Playing casino games online will enable you to stay engaged during your free time, and you can also practice or learn more about a specific game by playing their free or demo version.

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