PM Kisan: Millions of farmers are hanging on installment of Rs 2000, if you even do it you won’t get 9th installment

PM Kisan Samman Fund Latest News: The 9th installment of the PM Kisan Samman Fund will arrive in August. However, farmers’ installments of Rs 2000 lakh are still pending for April-July. Of this, 321378 farmers in Andhra Pradesh have a maximum payment. At the same time, Uttar Pradesh’s 87,466 farmers came in second, followed by Maharashtra’s 23605 farmers and Rajasthan in 19702.

This time the number of accounts failing to pay has also increased, which means the government has sent money, but not reached the farmers ’accounts. The maximum number of such beneficiaries is from the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. Here 136858 farmers’ payments failed. These statistics are given in the PM Kisan portal.

In some of the verified petitions sent by the Agriculture Department to the central government under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman scheme, the PFMS said there were many mistakes during the transfer of funds, so that the installment amount could not be transferred. Because of this, sending back to fix errors in the app.

State Total beneficiary Payment failed Hang the payment
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 17,280 to Rs 92 0
Andhra Pradesh 5,810,864 46,580 Rs 321,378
Arunachal Pradesh 98,234 404 0
Assam 3,122,499 7,384 0
Bihar 8,190,262 24,661 Rs 1,214
Chandigarh 462 0 0
Hthis h 3,664,673 15,699 0
Delhi 16,280 to Rs 125 30
GOA 11,794 99 0
Gujarat 6,291,597 46,983 114
Haryana 1,943,945 17,202 9
Himachal Pradesh 951,483 10,385 to Rs 0
Jammu and Kashmir 1,205,690 5,628 8
Jharkhand 3,071,111 4,795 1,559
Karnataka 5,658,953 65,116 0
Kerala 3,709,781 17,546 3
Ladakh 18,872 127 22
Lakshadweep 2,120 to Rs 1 0
Medium area 8,852,387 38,562 1,125
Maharashtra 11,427,148 64,571 23,605 Rs
Manipur 596,956 17,146 0
Meghalaya 192,274 519 4
Mizoram 198,881 370 0
Nagaland 213,564 701 0
Odisha 4,050,227 48,203 68
Puducherry 11,108 27 0
Punjab 2,375,051 13,585 5
Rajasthan 7,755,609 43,798 19,702 to Rs
Sikkim 19,652 91 22
Tamil Nadu 4,863,354 21,595 165
Telangana 3,933,838 25,169 17
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 15011 66 3
Tripura 238,900 1,302 428
Uttar Pradesh 27,975,947 136,858 87,466
Uttarakhand 912,439 7,928 4
West Bengal 2,205,375 1,585 0

Source: PM Kisan Portal

For these reasons the installment gets stuck

  • The farmer’s name must be in “English”
  • The farmer who appears in the “herd” in the app, please modify the name.
  • The difference between the name of the applicant in the application and the name of the applicant in the bank account
  • The farmer has to go to his bank branch and register his / her name in the bank as per the Aadhaar and application form.
  • Error writing IFSC code
  • Error writing bank account numbers.
  • Wrong in the name of the village.

Aadhaar verification is necessary to correct all the above errors. For Aadhaar verification, farmers should contact their nearest CSC / Vasudha Kendra / Sahaj Center.

Correct this type of mistake online

  • First you need to go to the PM Kisan website
  • Here you will see the Link Farmers corner at the top
  • If you click on this link, the Aadhaar edit link will appear, where you should click on it.
  • After this, you can adjust your Aadhaar number on the page that opens in front of you.
  • On the other hand, if the account number is incorrectly entered and you want to change something in your account number, you will need to contact your Agriculture Department office or Lekpal. By going there, you can correct the mistake you made.

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