Poka teachers threaten Imran Khan government – if you don’t raise salaries, you forget election

Hundreds of teachers have been protesting in Pakistan’s occupied Kashmir’s Muzaffarabad city (POK) on Tuesday for the past week. Hundreds of teachers have taken to the streets demanding that their demands be met, threatening to boycott all government duties, including election work.

One protester said, “This is our primary right. We need a pay raise. Otherwise schools will close. We are the destroyers of the rulers and administrations. If you do not listen to our demands, you will be very difficult. You will forget your general elections.”

One of the protesters threatened serious consequences for Imran Khan’s government, saying: “We will close schools and block roads. There is no room for the government to get out of this situation.

Another protester said, “We will not resume our duty until we get the rights. This is not an illegal demand. We are demanding a proper increase.” Protesters were raising slogans for an increase. Meanwhile, a large number of deployed police charged the sticks and used water cannons and tear shells to disperse the protesters.

Last month, police at the residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan at the residence of several Bengalese protesters resorted to force and use of force on protesters while protesting against their department’s new regularization policy.

Over 700 teachers from Punjab decided to march to Islamabad and march to Khan’s home to oppose the new policy of regularizing only the jobs of teachers who passed public service commission examinations and passed clear interviews. Protesters saw the policy as ‘unfair’ because they had been working on a contract for many years in their departments.