PPF Scheme: Save Rs 416 every day and become a millionaire in years

PPF Project: The Public Futures Fund is seen as a tax saving investment. Being managed by the central government, it is also seen as a low risk investment. Currently, a 7.1 per cent interest rate is being offered on a PPF account. Any PPF account matures in 15 years. But it can be extended to five to five years. In such a situation, a PPF account is a good investment for retirement. Anyone who invests in this for a long time will benefit him.

Investors have a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh in PPF during the financial year. In such a situation, a maximum of Rs 12,500 per month. If you have invested 12,500 continuously for 15 years, you will have Rs 40,68,209 at maturity. Your investment in this is Rs 22.5 lakh. And interest Rs.18,18,209 Rs.

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If you invest in this project for the next ten years, you will become a millionaire through PPF in 25 years. According to PPF rules, you can increase your investment by doing 5-5 years after 15 years. In such a situation, if you continue to invest 12,500 even after 15 years, the PPF will pay you Rs 66,58,288 lakh in 20 years. And in the next five years, this figure will be Rs. Investors will be investing Rs 12,500 per month for 25 consecutive years at Rs 1,03,08,015. This means that if you save Rs 416 every day, you will become a millionaire in 25 years through PPF.

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