Pratigya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update

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Pratigya 2 3 May 2021 Written Update

Pratigya 2 Serial upcoming episode is going to be very interesting, What is shown in today’s episode, what is happening If you are thinking about Krishna, we cannot live without you and she is also thinking about the doctor that if you are crying a lot in a very short time, then everyone comes there with her. What does it do, it gives medicine to him, let’s say that you should take care of yourself, then you saw the medicine, then you started speaking, today you saw how well I was taking care of everyone, how well Krishna was taking care of the children. If she was taking good care of her, then what is she crying, her eyes are closed, but then she speaks with him that if we want to be Meera’s chest come home from Krishna as soon as you are, then the pledge gets up. Its eyes open, you say what you are saying, how can you speak like this, then she says that you are not all we are a mother. And we are saying for the good of Krishna, we do not want our son to be gentle like this or like he should be his orphaned child.

They are not saying that I know more than you, but I do not know to do with you, she knows everything and how much she takes care of Krishna, along with how much he takes care of the children, how much more the children are happy with him as well. Try and after you leave, another woman will come and take a swindle to Krishna, what will happen to her. You can persuade Krishna to marry you while you are. Look at you, what a nice girl she is, she will love Krishna very much. So we are crying a lot, she is not only Indian, but she who tries her best to serve the sim, she is speaking something, so that you understand what will happen to Krishna after you leave, and we How long will our call be sitting today, you feel that you can not be able to raise your children at all Will If you give yourself to raise your children, then you will raise your children, you have to do something, you have to talk to Meera, she needs her week to get her married to Mila, but the vow that she speaks about how we get it done How can he speak to marry the same, then why can he do anything for you, open up, how much he loves you, he can do anything for you, then why does he love him for my happiness? He does something because if we marry someone else, she speaks with him that you have to wish him, but the pledges were crying a lot, they used to fall down, she falls down.

She is sitting happily with Sasaram. She is crying a lot, what happens here, Komal is taking off her briefcase from above, she is not standing on the stock, she is not staying on it, then from there, the school today says the ideal that we remove as Yadas takes off So if she gets hurt, then which medicine is applied, what happens then she is applying medicine It is only when he arrives at the place that he speaks here that it is not visible that he was helping us while he was taking medicines, who has been hurt, he speaks in a lonely and you do not rotate Yadav dairy here and there. I had stayed and told my playful man that he would go to sleep with my torture, so he says that it is in our mind, but you keep your mind under control, keep your thinking under control and go away from there. What happens the same way, dies and his father is going through yes, the truth is thinking that we can do something to get medicine from me, we will get hurt and then my will Thinking like this, here Krishna comes to the room and sees what is written in the room, love you have written from the rose leaves on his tree, he is happy that till date Babu is very much bored So, as soon as we pledged my pledge, if we did not, then who would speak good and someone would make a fuss, he lies down on it and says that you can make fun very well, but as a husband.

I do not know who has done what we are doing here. She is sitting in front of God, but with the picture of God, she also has a picture of Krishna and says that it cannot be possible to meet you. How hard I have prayed, how much I prayed to meet you, you are our God, just as you have written the name of Pratigya Ji on your hand, we have also written your name and we can do anything for Pratibha Ji, we too for you. If you are talking in this way, then you can see the pledge coming from behind and see that Krishna is also with the photo of Krishna and Lord Radha in his temple and Krishna is also there. Lati and asks again what is it that tells you that we ask Krishna ji, be like God, our Lord Kishan used to ask God to me, so this is how it reaches my Krishna, in this way she tells it then. When she asks, she sees that there are rows of roses in her room with a plate, so it is with her that you have come to our bed, I love you.

If she says that she would have said that answer the direct question, I did not see giving direct answer to my direct question, so I wrote that you will like it and Krishna ji will feel that you have written it, so we always wrote any one from the beginning. If I do not make a mistake, it was not good to say that the army also liked it. He puts a knife in his hand, he is very jealous, he is jealous, apply our medicine, neither does what he does to me, he puts a lot of pressure on his hand. And from now on, you will notice that no one has played to cut anything with a knife and go away from there in this way, then he says that if you want to get me, I will live only after you get me, I speak this way here. If everyone at the dining table was having breakfast, then after breakfast, nothing says that I want sweet, then I refuse to pledge that we do not give you sweet.

The doctor has refused, then what happens then what has been found, they bring a sweet of their choice in a bowl. They say that we have made the sweet of your choice, then they get very angry. Do not want to eat, our father forbade, or we will eat. Who is the one who thinks that I am thinking Rahul Mirchi with a spicy chilli sweet, then as soon as he posts, he refuses to say that you should stay within your limits, there is no need to speak like this, we will Do not refuse to eat or not eat, and then he also has the habit that he says that the pledge knows what is right for Krishna Bhaiya and what is wrong, do not get in the middle of the day, he also breaks it. I am very happy to see what is going on and when I get up from there, I don’t give up kissing, and everyone starts walking slowly but gentle and suspicious Chat

There is also a fight, who says, do you know what your mother does, you take such a side, there was a fight between these two that you see yourself there and pledge together and bear with her in the pledge. So ask Meera why you have done all this. You know that the doctor has refused and his health will be spoiled, so it is not right for him, nothing can be done to feed him. If you have said yes, I have made a mistake, we will take care from the front, we will not always do anything from here. Who confesses his mistake in this way, then he says, “Okay, you see, for Krishna, the perfect Krishna can handle the song and love Krishna and be more happy with him. Dev ends the episode.” What will happen in the next episode? Is Har Hari said to her that to wear her saree, she was ready to wear her saree and in her room, Krish from behind Anna What will you do, Babu, I have caught you, what would you do? Otherwise, I will hold my hand and remove me from your room. It is a very wrong thing to blame, we told him to go to our room.

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