Praying for peace and peace by chanting

On the seventh of Muharram, the tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussain at Karbala in Kamta was chanted by the Muslim community. The kamata of the city, Tilaiyatand, Shukrabazar, Belwahi, Kujri, Parsahi and other villages of the village had reached Karbala to perform illiterate chadar. The people, who have been preparing for chadarposhi since morning, followed the physical distance and applied masks in turn and chanted. During the chadposhi, the Muslim community prayed for the betterment of society and people.

Chadraposhi told that this festival is celebrated in the memory of Imam Hasan Hussain, the Nawase of Hazrat Mohammad Saheb, who was martyred in the field of Karbala. All the wishes of those who do chadaposhi with true heart are fulfilled. Gyas Khan, Ayub Khan, Hafiz Sher Mohammed, Irfan Khan Phanu, Shahid Khan, Asghar Khan, Raseed Mian, Asraf Taylor, Sadul Khan, Rabul Khan, Javed Khan, Babar Khan, Menajarul Khan, Hyder Mian, Shahban Khan, of Muslim society Jalil Khan, Anwar Khan, Jamrul Khan, Sameer Khan, Rizwan Khan, Sarfuddin Mian, Feroz Khan, Mo. Mustak, Chadar was done by Mokhtar, Ramadan Sai Chisti, Riyazul Khan, Sultan Khan, Kalam Qadri, Amjad Khan, Jasim, Rizwanul Raine etc.

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