Price game: Somewhere between Rs 50 and Rs 12 per kg, mustard oil is being sold between Rs 115 to Rs 223

Being expensive petrol and diesel can have a big impact on your pocket. Because of this, not only does the cost of the product increase, but also because of the increase in freight traffic, there is a floor-to-sky variation in the cost of essential goods in different cities. Take, for example, the prices of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, mustard oil, milk, etc. on July 19th. For example, a pack of mustard oil at Tiruchirappalli is priced at Rs. 223, while in Ahmedabad it is Rs.

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The effect of the rent is that in many places the price of potatoes, onions and tomatoes is Rs. 50 at Dimapur and Rs 18 at Rajkot. Tomatoes, on the other hand, have already reached half a century in Port Blair, Tura and Dimapur, while in Jadcherla it is selling for just Rs 11. Potatoes are priced at Rs 50 at Haldwani and Rs 12 per kg at Bareilly, Saharsa and Balasore. These statistics are from the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Maximum and minimum prices of essential items

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The maximum At least
Management Value The name of the center Management Value The name of the center


60 Saharanpur 23 Rohtas


42 Saharanpur 16 Madhubani

Flour (wheat)

57 Port Blair 20 Munger

Chickpea Lens

97 T. Complement 62 Bilaspur

Tour / Arhar Dal

132 The Ernakulam 63 Jagdalpur

The Urad Dal

145 T. Puram 73 Reva

Moong Dal

133 Mysore 70 Motihari

The red lens

120 Dharwad 69 Jodhpur


51 Port Blair 34 Bilaspur
34 Adilabad

Milk @

70 Dimapur 38 Khagaria
38 Mysore
38 Vellore

Groundnut oil (packaged)

238 Khagaria 91 Bilaspur

Mustard oil (packaged)

223 Tiruchirappalli 115 Ahmedabad

Vegetable (packed)

233 Mysore 71 Jadcherla

Soy Oil (Packaged)

192 Gangtok 99 Exhaustion

Sunflower oil (packaged)

227 Bikaner 115 Gorakhpur

Palm Oil (Packaged)

167 Mirzapur (Vindhyachal) 80 Dimapur


87 Your 32 Jagdalpur

Loose tea

540 Port Blair 128 Sir

Salt Pack *

26 Ludhiana 9 Durg


50 Haldwani 12 Bareilly
12 Sir
12 Balasore


50 Dimapur 18 Rajkot


50 Port Blair 11 Jadcherla
50 Your
50 Dimapur

Source: – State Civil Supplies Department

The difference lies not only in vegetables, but also in legumes, oils, rice and flour. By the time Khagaria arrived, Bilaspur was selling groundnut oil for Rs 91. At the same time, in Jadarchella, vegetation costs Rs 71 per kg. And in Mysore it was Rs. In Port Blair, loose tea costs Rs 540 per kg, and Saharsa Rs 128 per kg. Apart from the rate of shipment, the quality of goods also affects the difference in rates.

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