Quarrel with married lover, when girlfriend arrives at her house, – now I’m with you both

A shocking case of love triangle unfolds in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. A girlfriend came to Ahmedabad for her boyfriend’s birthday and was staying at a hotel in the city. This time, the two quarreled over something in the hotel. When an angry lover came to her home from a hotel, the girlfriend also reached his house from behind. Upon arriving home, the girlfriend made a ruckus in front of the lover’s wife and stubbornly demanded that she now be in the same house with both of them. The lover’s wife, who was bored by the commotion, sought help from the police helpline.

The incident comes from Taltej, a luxury area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAhmedabad where Ajay married Priyanka (name changed) about 3 years ago. Shortly after the wedding, there was a dispute between Ajay and Priyanka and Priyanka was angry and went to her mother’s house. She lived in her mother’s house for about 6 months and at this time Ajay started dating a woman named Mamata (name changed) who lives in Surat. After Priyanka helped the police helpline after the ruckus was created at her husband’s girlfriend’s house, the helpline team reached home.

The mother of a child with a married girlfriend
During this time, it was revealed that the girlfriend is also married and the mother of the child. Referring to this, the helpline team explained to him that considering the future of your child, you should return to your home. After much persuasion, the girlfriend finally agreed to go home.