Qurbaan Hua 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Qurbaan Hua 22 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Chahat walks Neal and tells her that the camera on her mobile is so good, she sees a message and is shocked, Chahat exclaims that they have forgotten the message, Neil is sure to find out, Neal calls the number but the old man and the man He responds that he knows nothing about Mr. Begg but is really busy, then he goes to give Mr. Begg some food, mentions that he does not.

Neil and Chahat enter the old age home, where they see women throwing their medicine shirts but a man is holding them, he orders his wife to take her medicine if she does not take the wife’s shadi, because she cannot feel well if she does not take the shadi, and then both exclaim how beautiful they are. Neil exclaims that they have been together for the last thirty or forty years and still struggle, Chahhat exclaims that they are usually the man he is fighting with.

He loves them very much, both of them portraying themselves as old couples and for the chips they have. Excuse me as just lying. Until they are old enough that they are not really married and they can prove their father is innocent.

When Neil and Chahat go out to marry Balek, he begins to daydream about how he caught her, both awake and then exclaim that they must do what they came for.

Ghazala inquires how Mr Beg got this, which Ramavatar says is that they gave him a high dose and it is unacceptable and he is like this, then she orders him to sit down so that he is able to take him out of the house as there is no money for his treatment.
Neil inquires when the manager will come, and the attendant advises him to sit down, because they will come soon, and then he can meet them, Neil advises Chahat to sit in a roundabout old house

When Neil bumps into Ghazala, who does not know his real identity, but she pays him to kill Chahat, Neil says he has a plan and that Neil is dead and the whole family is in a lot of pain. So he sees the chance to kill Chahat, asking why she is here, and when she gets a call from Godam Asked why she called her, Ghazala learned of Neil’s death and simply prayed that it was a lie, explaining that it was a lie as she thought GodaMabri had died in the factory but returned with a burned face a week later, but after a lot of searching on the internet, she confirmed that Chahat was able to fix her face.

Unable to believe what Ghazala was listening to, Godamabri even mentioned that she uploaded a photo with Neil, ending the call when Kripa was heard crying.
Ghazala is really worried, so the person who hired Ramavatar thinks he can be alive as he says he is dead, shocked to see that she is Neil who paid Chahat to kill him, she is really nervous and she can’t understand what to do.
Balek tries to calm Grace but is unable, inquires about what happened to Godam, and then tells Neville, since she is terrified of hearing his face, Balek gets angry and goes out to say something to him but then Jee comes to hear what happened to Vias, he asks where Chahat is, then Goli weeps so much Ordering her to come home immediately, Chahat agrees that she will come, and calls Neil by his name, worried that he is now Ghazala, he turns to find out who she is.
If Gajala tells the truth that he must do something to kill Mr. Baig, his whole plan fails and he too goes to jail with her, sets fire to Ramavatar’s room, everyone starts calling, Neil runs to the aid, and is able to save Mr. Baig under the guise of who he is. When brought outside he lifts the cloth to find the truth and is unable to control his anger.

Precape:  Qur’an Hua 23 November 2020 Written Issue UpdateChahat tells Vias Jee that he is setting up a new branch in the factory, so Vyas Jee asks why Neil can’t set up a kitchen, Chahat thinks who told him he was buying the factory, Chahat thinks Balek told her but why he is lying to her, so she goes to the factory Had to find out about.