Rahul, a doctor who trolled for wearing a sweatshirt like Rubina Dilac, asked users – Did you borrow it or steal it?

To celebrate the holiday, Rahul’s doctor has gone with his girlfriend Disha Parmar on Friday. Rahul shared this information on social media and gave it to his fans. Rahul shared a photo of himself appearing with Disha Parmar. But this time Rahul Vaidya’s outfit caught the attention of the users.

Rahul’s doctor tweeted a photo with his girlfriend Disha, “Chalo le chale tum, you are in the city of stars.” I am going from Mumbai to spend some days with my queen. In the picture, Rahul was seen wearing a sweatshirt, the same sweatshirt Rubina Dilac was wearing in Bigg Boss 14 In such a situation, users started to enjoy Rahul.

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One user wrote, ‘Looks bad for direction. That means you’re obsessed. Other users wrote, ‘That’s right, but have you borrowed or stolen a hoodie from Rubina? Come back soon. ‘

Speaking in an interview with the Times of India, Rahul said, ‘When I was in the Bigg Boss house, I understood every relationship and emotion. I can never forget what I felt with each member of this house. I realized there was another person in my life that was very special to me. I want to marry the director, so I propose him on national TV.

Rahul said, “I remember Disha once saying, ‘I need you. Whenever someone proposes to me, it must be so magnificent, yet they did not think the proposal was so grand.’ Recall earlier that Rahul’s mother had said in an interview with Geeta Doctors, “We will try to get married in June, but we can get married in December if we need direction.”

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Commenting on the wedding, Rahul said, ‘If my mother wants to get married in June, we definitely want to get married in June. At the same time, if there is anything besides direction, we all talk about it.