Rajeev Kapoor, who has been against his father throughout his life, said that due to his failure, he did not even attend the last visit.

Rajiv Kapoor, the youngest son of Bollywood actor and Raj Kapoor, died of a heart attack on Tuesday. Rajiv Kapoor’s career is not special. His father Raj Kapoor started Rajiv in Bollywood, but then his relationship with his father deteriorated. Rajiv Kapoor continued to curse throughout his life for failing his father Raj Kapoor’s career. Rajiv Kapoor’s displeasure did not even attend his father Raj Kapoor’s funeral.

Raj Kapoor made his first film Ek John Hai Hum in 1983 for his son Rajiv. She was the heroine in the film, but the film failed. After this, Raj Kapoor with his son Rajeev, Ram Teri Ganga made an ugly film which proved to be a super hit. The film is directed by Raj Kapoor. Mandakini played the female lead, whose role was so strong that Rajiv Kapoor’s role in the film was weakened. In such a situation, Mandakini credited the film’s success. With the success of ‘Ram Teri Ganga Mile’, Mandakini was a nocturnal star but Rajiv Kapoor did not benefit.

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According to writer Madhu Jain’s book The Kapoor’s, Rajiv Kapoor was blaming his father Raj Kapoor for his role in the film. It is said that Rajiv’s father Raj Kapoor had requested for another film. He wanted his character to be strong in this film to make his career progress, but Raj Kapoor refused to make another film for Rajeev. This sparked their relationship. Raj Kapoor gave Rajiv his auxiliary job, forcing him to work up to Spotboy.

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Rajiv was offended by his father Raj Kapoor’s behavior. After ‘Ram Teri Ganga Mile’, Rajiv Kapoor starred in many films like Hum to Chail Pardes, Angare, Lover Boy, but he was disappointed. None of these films survived the box office. After this, Rajiv began to blame his father for his failure. He was so angry with his father that he did not even attend his funeral.


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