Rajeev Murad said of Rajiv Kapoor’s death – Naseeb never supported him

Bollywood veteran Rajiv Kapoor died on Tuesday. Rajiv had a heart attack on 9 February, he was later taken to a hospital but despite all the doctors’ efforts he was not saved. Raj Kapoor’s son Rajeev has never been able to achieve the careers of many members of his family. Rajeev Murad said that Rajiv Kapoor is very talented but Nasib is not supporting him.

“This is a huge loss for me,” said Raza Murad. He (Rajiv) was the assistant director and he was doing all kinds of things. Although coming from a movie family, he was not ib. Raj Sahib taught all his children to learn simple life before becoming a star.

Ranbir shoulder to Uncle Rajiv Kapoor’s body, accompanied by stars Alia Bhatt

Is there loneliness in Rajiv Kapoor’s life? In response, Raza Murad said, “Of course. You can see that his films did not perform, Prem Granth was a good movie but did not work. His TV series has not been well received. Their marriage did not last. Kismet never supported him. In this industry, less talented actors have proven to be successful. I would say he has loneliness in his life, but never bitter. When so much happens in a person’s life, loneliness is normal. ”

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Rajeev Kapoor’s Ram Teeri Ganga Mile was a hit with the movie. She also acted in films like Akash, Jithiya, Loverboy, Hum to Chail Pardes and received no special response. Because of his last film. He then moved on to film directing and production.


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