Rakesh Tikite said – Those who insist on Khalistan and Pakistan should leave, to see what law prevents us from going to Delhi on the 26th

The agitation of the peasants on the border of Delhi continues to this day, and the chaos of the laws still persists in defiance of the Center’s three new agricultural laws. Farmers say they will accept nothing less than the repeal of all three agricultural laws. If farmers are adamant in repealing the laws, they have declared a fight with the government on the issue.

Meanwhile, Rakesh Tikite, leader of the Indian Farmers’ Union, who stood at the Ghazipur border, said on Thursday that those demanding Khazipur and Pakistan should leave. The government will hold talks again tomorrow. Who are the people in the committee created by the Supreme Court. There are no farmers in this committee.

Tikite said the movement was organized by the government and not the farmers. There is a question about funding, but why this is happening, said food and rations are coming from the village. Where did the money thing come from? How long the movement lasts is unanswered in 50 days. Not a single crop has been completed yet.

He said the government should withdraw the law and implement the report of the Swaminathan Committee. We leave here. The law of medicine is yet to come, so the movement will not be known for how long. The movement must be peaceful, and those who want to throw stones must leave. This is a peaceful movement.

5 lakh flags were heard from the Delhi government

He said that 5 lakh flags were requested from the Delhi government for the January 26 parade. We are asking the government for the flag. Even the police rung on January 26 will not be empty. Therein lies the tricolor. The flag is not empty. Young farmers involved in the movement are excited. We have to see what law prevents the tractor from going to Delhi on January 26th. Farmers show the national flag by tractor.

At the same time, Rakesh Tikite said that after Bhupinder Singh Mann’s letter to the Supreme Court framing him as a separatist went viral, Bhupinder Singh Mann should remain in the committee, then he will give his opinion on agrarian laws to the Supreme Court. I’ll be able to put it through the committee.

It is noted that the central government is introducing three new agricultural laws passed in September as major reforms in agriculture, but protesting farmers are worried that the new laws will end the MSP (minimum support price) and the knee-jerk system. And they rely on big corporate houses.

Explain that farmers have recently enacted three new agricultural laws – the Producers Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020, the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Guarantee and Agricultural Services Act, 2020 and the Opportunity for Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020.