Rameez Rameez rained on Pakistan’s disgraceful defeat, said – cannot justify it

The Pakistan cricket team, led by Captain Babar Azam, is currently touring England, where the team is playing a three-match ODI and T20I series. The team’s performance in the first two ODIs was poor and England’s second-class team was defeated here. After the team’s poor performance, the country’s former cricketer and defender, Rameez Raja, criticized Pakistan’s defeat to England’s second-class squad, which is a shame.

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He said on his YouTube channel, ‘If you measure this defeat in the Richter Scale earthquake, there will be a 15 scale shock. This is a huge loss for the team and cannot be justified. This is England’s number two team and you lost to this team. If you remove Ben Stokes from this squad, there is no other player in the England squad that could be in the future. Despite this, you lost the match.

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He said, ‘This kind of performance is not worth justifying. If the alarm bell doesn’t ring now, I don’t know when. The T20 World Cup will be held this year and in such a situation such highlights are not good for Pakistan fans. The former Pakistani cricketer also pointed the finger at the coach and questioned the selection of the team. He highlighted the sadness in Pakistan fans that the team is losing love and support from him.

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