Rani Rashmoni 1 November 2020 Written Update episode: Rani turns down Company’s order

Rani Rashmoni 1 November 2020 Written Update episode: Rani turns down Company’s order

In the previous episode of Bangla Bangla show we see Queen Rashmoni, Kali Devi suggesting that Gadadhar wants her to worship every incarnation. Elsewhere, Kamala tells Jagadamba that she saw Mohan again during the puja. Jagadamba asks Kamala to be strong. Raghob arrives and suggests leaving the house to do the teaching.

However, Kamala stops Raghob and asks him to give her one last chance. Raghob accepts her request. Meanwhile, the rituals of Durga worship continue. Later, Captain Halliday arrives with his soldiers. He asks Mathur to surrender, otherwise he warns the Queen.

In the case of Queen Rashmonia, Mathur picked up the weapon to confront Captain Halliday Face to face. He orders his guards to surround British soldiers and force them to drop their guns. Queen Mathur asks them to leave because they do not want to harm their guests in any form on the auspicious day of worship.

Meanwhile, Captain Halliday shares with Mathur the company’s order to immediately remove the barricade on the road to the Ganges River. If not, they are forced to arrest the queen. However, the Queen refuses to open the barricade as that road was built by her late husband.

Captain Halliday gives him the last day to remove the barricade and warn of the dire consequences if it is not done within that time. Finally, they leave the palace. Padma is concerned about the situation. Jagadamba requests the queen to be called Gadadhar. She firmly believes that his presence will solve all the tensions in his family. Mathur goes to call Gadadhar as the Queen prays to the Goddess to bless them all.

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