Rani Rashmoni 2 November 2020 Written Update: Goddess Kali’s idol goes missing

Rani Rashmoni 2 November 2020 Written Update: Goddess Kali’s idol goes missing

In the previous episode of Bangladesh Bangla show we see Mathur picking up a weapon to face rani Rashmoni, Captain Holiday. Meanwhile, Captain Halliday shares with Mathur the company’s order to immediately remove the barricade on the road to the Ganges River. If not, they are forced to arrest the queen. The Queen, however, refuses to open the barricade. Later, Jagadamba requests the queen to be called Gadadhar. She firmly believes that his presence will solve all the tensions in his family.

In the case of Queen Rashmonia, Gadadhar sings and praises Goddess Kali. Mathur comes there to take him to Janabazar, but he rejects him again. He apologized to Mathur and promised to pray for his family from Dakshineswar. Mathur instructs him to come back to take them and requests them to pray for him. Eventually, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Raid Thakur gets angry at Gadadhar For rejecting Mathur time again. He leaves as well.

Spit A little girl comes to Gadadhar and gives him an idol of Durga. She asks him to worship him. Gadadhar feels that Goddess Kali is testing her and refuses to worship the idol of Durga. The little girl suggests that there is no way to escape Gadadhar. He must come to her. She eventually leaves the place.

Then Badan Thakur and Raid Thakur come to worship Kali Devi. They will find out The idol of the goddess is missing Call on everyone inside the temple and to witness this disaster. Seeing this, Gadadhar was devastated.

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