Ravi Pradosh today, read this fast story to get the blessings of the sun

Pradosh Vrat: Today Ravi Pradosh is fasting. According to the Hindu calendar, Pradosh Vrat is kept on the Trayodashi date of every month. According to Var, the importance of Pradosha fast changes. Pradosh is on Sunday, so it is called Ravi Pradosh Vrat. Today people worshiped Sun God. Actually, Ravi Pradosh fast is considered to be dedicated to Sun God. According to mythological beliefs, by taking Ravi Pradosh fast, the person’s health is good and problems related to health are cured. The worship of Mahadev in Pradosh Vrat also has special significance. Read the story of Ravi Pradosh Vrat … The story of

Ravi Pradosh Vrat.

Ati Din Brahmin resided in a village. Her Sadhvi woman Pradosh used to fast. He had only one son. Once upon a time, that son Ganga went to bathe. Unfortunately the thieves surrounded him on the road and they said that we will not kill you, you tell us about your father’s secret money.

The child started humbly saying that the brothers! We are extremely sad. Where do we have money

Then the thieves said what is tied in this bundle of yours?

Child hesitantly said that my mother has given loaves for me.

Hearing this, the thieves told their companions that friends! This is a very humble person, so we will rob someone else. Having said this, the thieves let the child go.

The child walked from there to a city. There was a banyan tree near the city. The boy slept in the shade of the same banyan tree. At the same time, the soldiers of that city, searching for the thieves, approached the banyan tree and took the child as a thief and took him captive to the king. The king ordered him to be imprisoned.

When the Brahmin’s boy did not return home, he was worried about his son. The next day Pradosh was fasting. Brahmani fasted Pradosh and started praying to Lord Shankar for the efficiency of his son.

Lord Shankar accepted the prayer of that Brahmin. The same night Lord Shankar ordered that king in a dream that the child is not a thief, leave him in the morning or else his state-glory will be destroyed.

In the morning, the king freed the child from imprisonment according to the order of Shiva. The boy narrated his story to the king.

Hearing all the accounts, the king sent his soldiers to the child’s house and called his parents to the court. His parents were very scared. The king, seeing them frightened, said that you should not be frightened. Your child is innocent The king donated 5 villages to the Brahmin so that he could live his life happily. With the grace of Lord Shiva, the Brahmin family lived happily.
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