Read the follow-up feature on WhatsApp, it works like this

The new feature will be coming soon on WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, which will be named as Read More later. This is a new version of the Archived Chats feature already in the app. With this feature, you will be able to completely hide or ignore any chat. It was recently seen that WhatsApp was doing a reed letter feature test.

How it works
According to the well-known website WAbetaInfo, which is aware of features related to WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s read letter feature replaces the app’s archive chat feature. As the name suggests, users can keep chat archives for as long as they want. After this, the user will not receive notification of any message that comes in the chat.

The notification comes with a new message in the currently archived chats feature. This means that with the new feature, you can ignore any connection without blocking it. The screenshot revealed in the report shows that users also get an edit button, which allows multiple chats to be archived. Furthermore, with this button, you can also change the feature settings.

This feature is currently found in beta version of WhatsApp iOS. Feature testing is being done, which may soon be released to regular users. Some reports have suggested that this feature is similar to WhatsApp’s holiday mode. The Vacation Mode feature has been working for a long time. However, it is still not official.