Reliance Jio’s 3 cheapest plans, cost less than Rs 5 per day

Reliance Jio has many good recharge plans. Some of Reliance Jio’s projects are very economical. If your daily data requirement is not enough. That is, if you use limited data throughout the day, we are telling you about Reliance Jio’s 3 affordable recharge plans. Of these three recharge plans of Reliance Jio, the daily cost is less than Rs 5. So let’s see what benefits you get in these 3 cheap recharge plans of Jio …

For this project, Jio has a daily price of Rs 3.86
Reliance Jio offers affordable recharge plan at Rs 1,299 The validity of this project is 336 days (11 months). This means that every day spent on this project is Rs 3.86. If you talk about the benefits that come with a project, unlimited calling benefits are available on any network. The user will be given 24GB of data on the project. The project has the capability of sending 3600 SMS. Also, the Geo apps get a free subscription.

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For this project, Jio has a daily price of Rs 3.91
The Reliance Jio 329 Rs recharge plan is also very economical. The validity of the prepaid recharge plan of Rs 329 is 84 days. This means that the daily cost of the project is Rs 3.91. With Reliance Jio’s plan, it is possible to make free calling on any network. 6GB of data is provided for the project. The project has the option of sending 1000 SMS. In addition, subscription of Geo Apps is freely available in this project.

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For this project of Jio, the daily cost is Rs 4.60
Reliance Jio launches affordable project at Rs 129 In this recharge plan of Jio, users get 28 days validity. If you look at the daily cost, the daily cost of this Geo project is Rs 4.60. This scheme also offers unlimited calling benefits on any network. Reliance Jio has 2GB of data available on this project. This scheme allows users to send 300 SMS. In addition, subscription to Geo Apps is freely available.