Rice buying state in Bihar, Nitish government unable to buy one-third of farmers’ target

The announcement of the purchase of paddy did not end with a special campaign in Bihar. With only 15 days left to close, the paddy of farmers in many districts, including Patna, is not ready yet. The result is that local traders have also dropped rates. Farmers are now struggling to extract costs to make a profit.

The government raised the target of paddy harvest this year to 30 to 45 lakh tonnes and plundered a lot of praise from the farmers, but the farmers were so caught up in the cunning of the authorities that they were no longer there. On January 31, the government decided to stop buying paddy. There are only 15 days left and not a third of purchases. In many places, the purchase has already stopped. The CC limit of packs is empty and unpaid is not accepted. So the shop was already closed.

The situation of the farmers of Shahabad along with the Patna district is that many paddy are not ready. Ranvijay Singh, a farmer from Parikama in Bikram, says 125 quintals of rice should be sold. Paddy has not been hit yet. Bags and labor cannot be found. Workers say we will beat paddy after the Capricorn. Mangeshwara Singh needs to sell 85 quintals of paddy. The field is flooded. Paddy is dried only after the release of water, it is only worth the paddy sale. Business zones and packs are not interested in buying paddy as last year’s dues (bags and transport) were not paid.

In any district of Tirhat division, paddy is not collected as per the target. The problem is increasing in front of farmers. So far, fifty percent of purchases have not been made in any district of the division. According to the farmers of Muzaffarpur and Sitamarhi, many times it has been brought back to the centers due to the humidity. Shopping has not started in time or regular shopping centers have opened.

In Kosi, Seemanchal and East Bihar districts, farmers have been in trouble since the paddy purchase date till January 31. In most of the districts, paddy collection is not even half the target. Although the pace of paddy collection is higher than last year, the target is very difficult to achieve. The purchase is almost closed with agencies ending their cash loans.

While Bhagalpur district is aiming to buy 60 thousand metric tonnes of paddy, so far 17.5 thousand metric tonnes of paddy have been purchased. According to Kishanganj District Cooperative Officer Anand Chaudhary, till January 13 last year, 5 per cent of the target paddy was purchased. As of January 13 this year, 21 per cent of paddy was purchased. The target is 60 thousand metric tons. The aim of collecting 75 thousand MT of paddy paddy is set in Jamui district, but so far 40 percent has been collected.

Paddy Purchase Status
The target is 4.5 million tonnes
12.35 lakh tonnes have been purchased
There are only 15 days left on the purchase