Ridhi Dogra: I was once told in an audition, ‘you’ve to keep a pallu on your head’, I came out of there – tv

One thing that actor Ridhi Dogra has done so far, and what he never does, is the traditional soap-bahu daily soap of his career. However, they do not dispute the fact that such shows enjoy good ratings and popularize actors.

The reason she always stays away from him is because she doesn’t fit her sensibilities as a person.

“I don’t see my work as separate from me. It’s not like I go to the office, so I enjoy it. When I do TV or when I do it again, I don’t do anything I don’t believe in, or at some level, echo. It doesn’t have to resonate completely with me, but I have to believe it on some level, ”says Dogra.

The 36-year-old Mariada: Leckin is part of shows like Cobb Tak, Woah Apna Saw, and the latest web show Asur. Has money or ratings ever lured her and made some professional choices she regrets on TV?

The actor refuses and confesses, “I am very clear. I remember I went to the audition once, and he said, ‘You have to put your head in your teeth.’ I got out of there. I process things differently. ”

Dogra doesn’t believe in doing something just because other people are doing it. “This is why I think I can be friends with a lot of people in the industry, because I don’t sit with them and say, ‘Oh, you’re doing this.’

Calling it the “personal road” he took in his career, and not falling victim to traditions, Dogra added, “When I look back, I am proud of the work I have done. The shows I did taught me a lot. In Mariada, I played the role of a girl who takes patriarchy on its head and tries to stand up against the traditional, romantic ways in which men view women. I was always choosing something that resonated with me. ”