Rishi Panchami 2020: Worship of Sapta Rishis will yield amazing fruits, read ancient story of Rishi Panchami

Rishi Panchami 2020 (Rishi Panchami 2020): Today is Rishi Panchami. On Rishi Panchami, people worshiped Sapt-sages today. There is a mythological belief that by worshiping the sages on Rishi Panchami, all kinds of sins and defects are destroyed.

With this the seeker gets purified. With the effect of this fast, women get relief from menstruation defect. Rishi Panchami is mainly a festival of Nepal but in Sanatan Dharma, Rishi Panchami has been given great importance. Let’s know the holy story of Rishi Panchami.

According to mythology, in the Satyuga there was a king named Shyanjit who ruled the city of Rajavidarbha. He was as stunning as the sages. There was a farmer named Sumitra during the rule of Shyenjit. His wife’s name was Jayashree.

It was raining one day. At the same time, she was also working in the field. She became menstruated while working. He came to know about this. Even after that, she continued to work. After some time both of them and their husband and wife died after living their life.

In the next birth, when Jayshree became a bitch, Sumitra got bull’s cunt due to contact with the menstruating woman. However, both had no fault, the blame was only for the season. This is why both of them remember their old birth.

Both of them became bitch and bull and went back to the same city and started living here with their son Suchitra. Dharmatma Suchitra used to give full respect and respect to his guests. He made many types of dishes for the Brahmins on the day of Shraddh of his father.

When Suchitra’s wife went out of work and there were not many in the kitchen, then a snake spewed poison in a kheer pot kept in the kitchen. All this Suchitra’s mother, who had taken the form of a bitch, spewed poison in a kheer pot sitting away.

As a bitch, Suchitra’s mother was watching everything from a distance. To save his son from the murder of his wife, he put his face in the vessel when his daughter-in-law arrived. Seeing this, Suchitra’s wife Chandravati was very angry. In anger, Chandravati took out the burning wood from the stove and killed the bitch.

Bitch started running here and there due to burning. Chandravati always used to give her whatever was left in the fours to eat. But after this incident, he threw all that out. Then cleaned the utensils thoroughly and prepared food again and fed them to the Brahmins.

The bitch did not get food and she was very hungry. Troubled, she went to her ex-husband living as a bull. He said, O master! Today I am dying of hunger.

Although I used to get food every day, but by putting my mouth in a pot made of snake venom, I saved my son from the sin of killing many Brahm. For this reason the daughter-in-law hit me and did not even give me food.

Then the bull said, O Lord! Because of your sins, I too was born in this cunt. Today my waist was broken carrying the load. Today, I have run a solution throughout the day. Today I did not even get food. Not only this, he hit me a lot. In this way he made my shraadh fruitless.

His son was listening to all this picture. He immediately fed both of them a lot of food. Then he started towards the forest, sad in his grief. In the forest, he asked the sages, what deeds my parents have received because of the deeds that they have received in the lowly cunt.

How can they get rid of it? On this, the sage always said, for the salvation of them, you should fast with the wife and sage Panchami. Your parents will get the result of this.

Taking a bath in the holy water of the river in the afternoon on the Shukla Panchami of the month of Bhadrapada. Then worshiping the Saptarishis including Arundhati by wearing new silk clothes.

Hearing this, he returned home and duly fasted Rishi Panchami along with his wife. Due to the result of this fast, his parents were freed from animal vagrants. It is believed that any woman who devoutly observes Rishi Panchami, goes to Baikunth after enjoying all the worldly pleasures.

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