Riya, Mahesh WhatsApp chat before Sushant’s death

The growing suspicion over the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput is getting stronger day by day. Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that an investigation should be conducted by the CBI, the day-to-day suspicion on Emperor Riya has come as a shock to the blind.

A screenshot of a WhatsApp chat between Riya Mahesh Bhatt before Sushant’s death has surfaced. That news has become a hot topic in the national media right now.

Rhea became intimate with him

Riya played the role of Emperor Ayesha in the movie Jalebi produced by producer Mahesh Bhatt. Since then there have been comments that she is very close to Mahesh Bhatt.

Some secret photos of them after Sushant’s death also went viral on social media. Some movie celebrities have also expressed skepticism over Riya’s behavior.

It would be better to break up with Sushant

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, it seems that the conversation between the two took place on June 8. Sushant died on June 14. It is learned that Riya said goodbye to Sushant on June 8.

However, it has been proved once again that there have been some clashes between the two of them since then. It is understood that Mahesh Bhatt has also advised her that it would be better to separate from Sushant.

Like a wakeup call

“Ayesha (Riya) moves on sir, it’s so cozy now” Ria texted .. The last call you made to me was like a wakeup call. Mahesh replied .. In two different messages, he replied: “Don’t look back, make the inevitable possible”, “Your father loves you so much. He will feel very happy.” Explained.

The words you said that day

That’s why Ria .. The way you told me about my father that day gave me so much courage. There are various articles in the media on these conversations. Police, who had already been monitoring the phone calls, found that 18 calls had continued between Mahesh Bhatt and Riya.

With the CBI entering the field, the case will be investigated more deeply than the Mumbai police.

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