Roz Roz Kaam Song: Dhinchak Pooja’s song ‘Roz Roj Kaam’ went viral as soon as it was released, you heard what

A former contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’, New Delhi’s Pooja Jain, Dhinak is all too familiar with Pooja’s strange lyrics. She is always in the headlines on social media because of her songs. Dhinchak Pooja also went crazy with the songs of superstar Salman during the show at his house ‘Bigg Boss’ Woolly Pooja’s song has recently been released. . Dhinchak Pooja has shared the details of his new song with fans on social media. Mims came out on social media soon after he heard Le Kin’s song. Dinchak Pooja’s bizarre song ‘Roj Roz Kam’ was recently released. Pooja is once again in the headlines because of this song. Immediately after hearing this song, funny meats started to go viral on social media. You can’t stop laughing at these mimes. This song is shown from our morning to night work. The lyrics of this new song of Dhinchak Puja are…

We wake up in the morning, we brush

We eat again, we go again

We make tea, drink it

We bathe, then we’re ready…

Pooja released the song on October 9, and the song has so far received 100,042 views. This song by Dhinchak Pooja is not liked by the fans. Fans’ reactions to the song are constantly coming. Mims have come out on social media, some of which have their fingers in their ears and some are saying that you should listen to your risk.