Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 21-11-2020 Written Update: Sagar tries to harass Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 21-11-2020 Written Update: Sagar tries to harass Gehna

God of Kokila says thank you for seeing Ahem there and telling Gopi to start. Gopi hopes Ahem regains his memory today and begins to dance like the past (the title song plays in the background). Ahem gets a glimpse of his past as she watches her dance steps. Jaggi Dandia was on her way to reach the place.

Gehna wonders why Gopi Kaka is not getting his memory. Gopi looks at Kokila and then starts dancing around Ahem. Gehna and Anant look at each other. Sagar stares at Gehna. Giving Dandia sticks to Kokila Gopi, she blesses him with something he cannot give up. Desai’s family was playing Dandiya and Kanak was waiting for Jaggi. Gopi moves to Ahem with dandiya sticks and gives him two sticks. He takes it from her without saying anything. Anant is delighted to see it, and with excitement he holds Gehna’s hand and shook her.

Gopi plays Dandiya with Ahem and cries after turning around and thinks she’s lost because he still can’t remember him. Ahem regains his memory and takes the name of Gopi. Kokila, Anant and Gehna laugh at him. Gopi turns and runs towards Ahem and stands before him. Jaggi gets there and sees them together. Ahem smiles at Gopi and hugs her. Jagi drops the floral flowerpotch drop he brought for Gopi.

Ahem Gopi wiped away tears and kissed her. Jaggi hides from her. Ahem sails towards Kokila and hugs her. He is reunited with his family. Gopi bends over to take Kokila’s blessing and mistakenly touches the box of Ahem Vermilion and drops it on her forehead. She was shocked to see it. Anant and Gehna laugh at it. Then Kokila Praful, tells Jamuna that today Anant and Gehna’s family is complete. She thanks and blesses them.

Gopi agrees that they have helped him a lot. Ahem notices that Gopi is tense and asks what happened. Kanak kept calling Jaggi and wondering why he wasn’t attending to her call and seeing him there. She thinks it’s time to attack and asks who’s there and shouts Jaggi. Everybody looks at her. She says she does not want to interrupt them but for a long time she notices someone is hiding from everyone and moving towards Jaggi. She tells Jaggi to come out and everyone is shocked to see him. Gopi takes the name of Jaggi.

Ahem asks who he is. Kokila says he is Jaggi, Ahem’s brother. M rmila asks how did jammy get here. Anant asks Jaggi whether he remembers him and says he has already met at Mumbai airport. He tells Praful that Jaggi gave him his ticket so that he can attend Praful’s wedding anniversary. Kanak says Gopi’s husband and ex-husband look alike. Gopi goes to Jaggi and tells her that she will explain everything to him. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do that because he already understands it. Gehna now asks Anant what will happen. Kanak says he only invited Jaggi to surprise everyone.

Kokila tells her that everything in life is not about war and tells Praful that she has two sons. He apologizes for ruining his practice. Kanak says she is ready to do anything if she needs help. Gopi says she has already helped Jagi by calling her here because she wanted to tell herself everything. She introduces Jaggi as her husband to Ahem.

Precap – Sagar tries to harass Gehna. Anant slaps him.