Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Seeing Sunny go, Anant asks who it is. Pankaj and Kanak look at him and get tense. Kanak says he called Pankaj’s bakery servant to bring dry fruit namkhatai because Gehna liked him so much. After they leave, Radhika walks up to him and asks what he is doing here, she is very excited to see the decoration of the house and hopes to decorate it even during their wedding. Anant says with orchid and her favorite flowers. Radhika says that it is weird feeling to think that her dream is coming true.

He holds her hand in love and tells her that this is not a reality and a dream. Dil Me Ho Ankhon Me Tum… .song .. Play in the background. His eyes meet, he lifts her gaze to her eyes and smiles at her and then puts her down. She shrugs and holds his hand. After some time, Anant is sitting on the balcony and mentioning Rahika and listening to the song Dil Hai Ke Manta Hi Nahi… Gehna walks towards her. He switches off the song and he sometimes hears the old song, asking Radhika not to mention it.

She wants to see the telescope from the stars, the stars of the telescope means she is not looking at her new home, she wants to go with sweet memories. He shows her the stars. She looks at a planet and says its Saturn. He says yes, she knows how, she has good knowledge, then why she didn’t study.

Kanak has said that a girl cannot study well or else her mother-in-law will not be able to serve. Anant says that only the polar star / pole star in the sky does not go out, the wife has to be educated to match her husband as the husband is the polar star.

On the other side, Hema and her team are forced to reveal Kanak’s plan. Kanak says he is dreaming of Anant Gehna’s wedding, he does not know what is going to happen tomorrow, he needs her help in her project. Anant has hired an agency to collect Aman’s information and after collecting the information, the agency man sent it and came home, but she sent him and they all have to make sure that the information does not reach Anant.

Pankaj asks what the information is. Kanak says Anak falls flat this time, Aman stays in Rajasthan for a year and is already married; Anant is now in trouble because it is illegal to re-marry an already married man. They all laugh.

Gehna tries to leave. Anant apologizes for stopping her and stopping Sagar today, because if she wants to know every move of the enemy, they should keep him close, since she is married, he doesn’t care where Sagar goes. She now asks to go to bed late at night. They say tomorrow is a big day for them, as they begin a new life with Aman and he with Radhika. She’s Sheesh. He asks if she likes Nankhatai.

She says she also likes Nankatai and Dhruva Tara of Pankaj shop. They both walk towards their rooms. She’s also in a play, then she’s in this house forever. On the other side, Kanak swears on fire that Anant will burn the wedding dreams he has shown to Gehna and his promise to Bapuji in this fire. Hema praised his plan. Hiral praises that no one will ever catch the girl who robbed her in Mantap.

Chetan says that Anant feels guilty that Gehna did not get a single good match and will leave the house with Radhika forever. Kanak says that if he reveals the secret of Aman in front of Bapuji shortly before the wedding, his team will become Hero and Anant will be zero, while Gehna will be near their feet under the pressure of grace; They should be careful not to make any mistake until Gehna reaches the mantap; They have 24 hours for their project and that is important to them.

Gehna heard the alarm in the morning and saw her legs tied with rope, thinking who had tied her legs. She becomes more and more anxious when she sees someone sleeping in a trap with her, lifts the rug and looks at Tia. She wakes up Tia and asks why she slept with him in the outhouse. Tia says that Bapuji told her not to work until she married Gehna. Gehna asks who makes tea for Ba and Bapuji.

Tia says there are many people at home. Radhika prepares tea in the kitchen and asks Anant if she should be sure to add ginger beforehand, but the color has changed. Anant jokes that she over-boiled it, changed its color, and then laughed at its perfection. He says he took responsibility for Gehna, which does not mean he makes tea for everyone, let everyone make their own tea. She says she prepared it for Ba and Bapuji. She says she never thought that a Singaporean girl who never made tea in life would prepare her tea. She says she still doesn’t know her very well.

She takes tea with him and Bapuji and he does all the things that Gehna does and hopes she has done it right. Ba says they made the perfect tea for their taste. Gehna walks with the flowers and touches Ba’s feet, saying that she had made her stranger so quickly and would not let her make tea. Ba says she is a daughter and not a stranger. Gehna gives Bapuji’s medications.

Radhika realizes that she has forgotten to give Bapuji to Shadhi. Anant says when Gehna understands that tonight is Gehna’s pithy celebration and then tomorrow’s wedding, she is still worried about work. Gehna says she worries about Chandomatli celebrating her and Radhika’s important day. Radhika says that sometimes her parents arrive at the airport so they can go and receive them. Ba asks Anant to come with Radhika. Gehna asks him to greet her with flowers.

After some time, Bapuji gets angry at Pithi’s arrangements and tells Anant that Gehna’s marriage was his promise and he wants to return the favor given to him by Gehna’s father. They become ill. Anant takes him to his room. Sapan checks BP and tells Anant that Bapuji is a senior and worried about marriage. Anant asks Radhika if she can pick up her parents while she is with Bapuji.

Radhika agrees and asks if Ba and Bapuji are now part of this family. Ba says yes. Radhika says she has the right to make small decisions. Anant says yes. Radhika walks up to Gehna and perfumes her husband’s life like flowers and tells her that I am going to bring her parents out of the airport as the new chapter of her life begins tomorrow, Chandomatli Rasam. Gehna hugged her emotionally. Hiral was jealous of Hema seeing him hiding.

Precape: Kanak says Hema and Hiral can do anything to entertain them. Hiral asks what her plan is. Kanak says he mixes the itchy plant paste in Gehna’s haldi and picks leaves when Anant walks up to her.

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