Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sagar tries to harass Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sagar tries to harass Gehna

Gopi hopes that he will regain his memory of Ahem today and will dance in front of Gopi Kaka in the serial title song .. Jaggi left the cab. Gehna thinks Gopi Kaka is not remembering anything. Gopi Kaka gets Gopi’s flashback. Kokila gives his dandiya and says that he will not accept defeat. Gopi walks with Dandia towards Gopi Kaka, and he gets her to walk towards him. He hands him over to Dandiya. Seeing it, Anant happily holds Gehna’s hand.

Gopi Kaka remembers his past and realizes that he is an Ahem and calls Gopi. Gehna asks Anant if he thinks Gopi Kaka’s memory is back. Gopi summoned Ahemji and happily ran to him. Ahem calls her Gopi again. Jaggi enters and stands and sees Gopi and Ahem together. Ahem hugs Gopi. Jaggi drops the frustrated flowers. Ahem emotionally wipes Gopi’s tears. Gopi takes him to Kokila and Kumkum bends over her forehead to touch her feet. Poor Jaggi stands aside in frustration.

Kokila tells Praful and Jamna that Anant and Gehna’s family is complete again and thank Anant Gehna. Gehna touches Kokila’s feet and takes her blessings. Gopi says that Gehna helped him a lot. Ahem asks Gopi what happened and looks at it. She says nothing. Kanak calls Jaggi and looks behind the curtain and thinks of her play time and asks who is standing there, telling the family that someone has been standing there for a long time and walking to Jaggi. Gopi and her team are shocked to see Jaggi. Ahem asks who he is. Gopi says Jogi ji.

Kokila says he is Jaggi, Ahem’s brother. Hema says fake. Children say 2 gopi kakas. Anant reminds Jaggi about his visit at the airport and tells the parents that if Jaggi did not give him his ticket, he would not have reached home for his anniversary. Jaggi hoped he wasn’t even coming now. Kanak says Gopi’s husband and ex-husband look alike. Gopi tells Jaggi to come, he explains everything. Jaggi says he doesn’t want to. Gehna asks Anant what will happen now. Anant says that what happens is written in luck.

Kanak informs the family that Jaggi has been invited here to surprise them. Anant says let us leave Kokila and his family alone. Praful is right. Kokila Kanak commented that every moment of life is not a hassle and that there are no hassles when some moments are family and its family. She has 2 sons to Praful and Jamna and Ma Ambe understands that whether anyone accepts it or not.

Praful and Jamna apologize for the problems he faced due to his family. Praful says she is his sister and his pride. Kanak starts, but Gopi stops her and says that she wanted to discuss the matter with Jaggi earlier and now she is in front of everyone. Kokila tries to stop her. Gopi tells her to finish and Jaggi tells Ahem that she is her husband. Ahem is disappointed to see that.

PRECAPE: Sagar tries to harass Gehna. Anant enters him and puts in the trash.