Sadak 2 Review: This road takes Alia and Sanjay Dutt nowhere

Twenty years later, under the direction of Mahesh Bhatt, there is no such thing that can keep the audience tied. The story of Road 2 also has no merit. Sanjay Dutt’s fans will be disappointed with this film and happy to make jokes on Alia Bhatt that one chance and he got his hands on it.

Sadak 2 Review: Mahesh Bhatt has brought the film as a director after almost 20 years, Road 2. In this long time, many trails have been left from the main road of cinema. Cinema has changed its style. This film by Mahesh Bhatt does not show him growing on any path. He is staying at the turn of the 1990s. The result is that they fail. Mahesh, who made the meaning, synopsis, name and daddy, was already lost, coming up to Road 2, Aashiqui, Dil Hai Manta Nahin, Road, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, Dastak, Dushman and wounding are also directors Is missing. Mahesh Bhatt’s new story does not fit into the changed grammar of cinema. In Road 2, he presents his philosophical views over the story. Overall, this film is a faded dish of a high shop named Mahesh Bhatt.

You do not connect to Road 2 at any level. The reason for this is both the character and the original subject. No character seems like a normal person here. All of them are mentally disturbed due to imaginary and personal tragedy. These people are either taking the help of a psychiatrist or by looking at them, it seems that they should see a doctor of the mind. The story is of Arya (Alia Bhatt). She is the only heir of Desai Group of Industries. Her late mother had written in the will that after the age of 21, all the property will be in Arya’s name. Arya is about to turn 21 after seven days. But her father and step mother, aunt, are trying to tell her to be mentally ill or to kill her. A Baba (Makarand Deshpande) is the brain behind this scheme. Arya runs away. On the other hand, Ravi Kishan (Sanjay Dutt), who failed to attempt suicide after his wife’s death, is now Arya’s taxi driver. Arya has to go to Ranikhet and from there to Mount Kailash. 21st birthday is to be celebrated there itself. Villain is now following. How will they catch Arya? Will declare him mad or kill him. Will the hero (Aditya Roy Kapur) prove to be the real hero? In this case, what will be the role of Ravi? The answers to all these questions come out in a very boring manner.

While watching the film due to the characters and dialogues of Road 2, you suddenly remember that Mahesh Bhatt has also emerged as a character in the current atmosphere surrounding the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. After the death of Sushant, the Bhatt brothers recall the comments made on his mental state. Sanjay Dutt is shocked when he tries to commit suicide by hanging himself in the opening scene of the film. He goes to the psychiatrist and he asks him to be hospitalized. You also find Arya first in a psychiatric hospital. The black-clad Baba says that it is difficult for Arya to escape. Someone will beat him. One character says that a good artist is not necessarily a good person. Then finally the villain’s dialogue is: Don’t know who spread the rumor that there is something called love and God. We come from the dark and are buried in the dark. Neither sin nor virtue.



Road 2 is neither standing on concrete ground nor fantasy. There are no filmy spices here either. Romance, action is weak. The story is embodied in a superficial manner. In many places it seems as if Vikram Bhatt is a director, not Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt does some very strange things here. Vishal (Aditya Roy Kapur), who was once a drug addict Munna Chaudhary, did not get to do a single act like a hero here. He escapes from the prison with the caged owl, which seems ridiculous. After this Mahesh Bhatt shows this owl fighting with the enemies of Vishal-Arya. Mahesh has made Gulshan Grover a gangster Dilip. Such characters seemed cruel in the 1980s, but not now. Mahesh Bhatt is the author of many films and could not handle the writing of his film.



The role of Sanjay Dutt in the film does not attract. They are cold here. After his return from prison, he will have to wait for another hit film. Aaliya also does not leave much effect. While working under the direction of the father, there is no improvement in him. Whereas Aditya Roy Kapoor should ask himself what he got by doing this film. Music in the Bhatt camp films has always worked a little bit, but cannot say about Road 2. Those who were waiting for Mahesh Bhatt to return as director, will disappoint the film.

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