Samsung Launches Two New Single Door Fridges, Getting Many Special Features With Yogurt-era Features, Price Less Than 18000

Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics and No. 1 refrigerator brand, today unveiled new single door models of its popular yogurt maestro refrigerators. This fridge has been introduced under the new range DG-Touch Cool 5I1 Single Door Refrigerator (DG-Touch Cool 5in1 Refrigerator). The new refrigerators come with advanced digital touch technology that allows customers to control the settings of their refrigerator with a single touch without opening the fridge. Let us tell you more about the special features and price of this fridge ..

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Samsung DG-Touch Cool 5 I1 Single Door Fridge Price
The price of the new refrigerator starts from Rs 17,990. These fridges have been launched with four new floral models. Available in Delight, Blossom, Marble White and Twirl models.

Samsung Digitouch Cool 5i1 Single Door Feature

>> The Digi-Touch Cool 5I1 Single Door Fridge is designed to give you more storage space.

Customers of this fridge have Digi-Touch technology, which can adjust the temperature accordingly. Also, this fridge can be de-frosted with just a single button press.

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This fridge has power cooling features that make ice up to 53% faster and cool the fridge up to 33% faster.

Samsung has released the Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator with two Digi-Touch Cool 5in1 technology in two capacities – 198 liter and 225 liter. This refrigerator comes with a 10-year compressor warranty. With this digital inverter technology, you have the option of taking a free stabilizer with this refrigerator.

Samsung claims that the yogurt will be frozen by maestro in 6.5 to 7.5 hours. Soft alloys can be made in 6.5 hours and thick alloys in 7.5 hours.

This refrigerator has a digital control temperature setting. Users can easily control the temperature of the refrigerator depending on the weather.

Power Cool Function The Power Cool Button in Samsung DG Touch Cool TM5I1 Refrigerator makes ice making 53% faster and faster cooling 33% faster. So this fridge is good for those who want to get ice quickly and who have a high demand for ice.

The Eco Mode function adjusts the refrigerator temperature to about 6 ° C, saving 28% of energy.