Santan Saptami: Importance of Lalitha Saptami Vrat, fasting method and story, whose blessings are made to get children

New Delhi: Lalitha Saptami Vrat is dedicated to a Goddess who is a gopi of Vrindavan and it is believed that with whose blessings the progeny are made, newly married couples worship them with great reverence.

Lalita Saptami falls on the Shukla Paksha of Bhadra month which is falling on 25 August 2020 this year, Lalita Saptami will be celebrated on this day. There is a mythological belief that Lalita Devi appeared on this day. On this day mainly people of Vaishnav community worship and worship Lalita Devi with great reverence and celebrate it as a festival. Let’s know some important rules of fasting Lalita Saptami-

Importance of Lalitha Saptami

The Lalita Saptami fast is dedicated to Goddess Lalita, a gopi from Vrindavan. This fast was observed for the first time by Shri Krishna. On observing this fast, it is believed that newly married couples are blessed to have a healthy and beautiful child, and those who have had children keep this fast for the health, intelligence and long life of their children.

Radha’s favorite friend

Radha’s beloved Gopi Mata Lalita is believed to be one of the most important gopis of Lalita Devi Vrindavan. She was a dear friend of Goddess Radha whom Goddess Radha loved very much. There is also a temple in Braj of Mathura dedicated to Lalita Devi.

How to observe Lalita Saptami fast?

To observe this fast, you should wake up in the morning and take bath and meditate on Lord Shri Ganesha. After that, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lalitha, Mother Parvati, Goddess Shakti Shiva and Shaligram should be duly worshiped on the day.

Coconut, rice, turmeric, sandalwood paste, gulal, flowers and milk are offered as offerings to the deities. However, most people only offer flowers. In some areas, a copper vessel is kept in the puja room from which water is offered. A red thread or molly is placed at the place of worship. After worshiping, it is tied on the wrist of right hand.

This fast is a full day, that is, you have to fast from sunrise on August 25 to sunrise the next day. Therefore, working women and people with medical problems are not advised to do this fast, they should only pray and pray on this day. On the next day of the Puja, after fasting, distribute this Prasad among the family members and in your neighborhood.