Sathya 18th October 2020 Written Update: Sadashivam wakes up from the unconscious

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The episode begins today with Idhumati Satya asking Kathir and Soumya to take over. Injumati Kampor lightened the truth about taking Aarti and Anita pushed it away. Everyone was shocked to see this. What does Prabhu have for her? She asks, closing his mouth. She tells him she’s already a slum and he wants to slum his house?

They try to stop her but in vain. She tells them Sadashivam is still unconscious but no one cares about it and welcomes this slum. She won’t let them in until Sadashivam opens his eyes. She asks meekly she didn’t pick this slum boy as her husband then why do you need to come here?

Is she not ashamed to put her foot here? She pushed Soumya down. Frustrated, Indumati slaps Anita and shouts at her. She warns her to stay quiet, no matter how dare she cross her limits. She says she is doing too much in her father’s absence. Indumati asks her to go in Orels and she slaps her again. Anita moves on without choice. Indumathi asks Satya to take Aarti in them. She took it.

Nirmala asks her to lighten Vilakku in the worship room. They were blessed by him. Kathir asks Nirmala about the state of Sadashivam. She replies to him that he is still unconscious. Katier’s mother advises him to go and check on him. Katheer and Soumya go to see Sadashivam. Soumya cries and looks down at her father.

When they reach the bottom, the truth is they bring banana and milk for the celebration. Seeing it, Indhumati Satya and Prabhu are remembering the rituals after their marriage. Truth hesitates to eat banana. Nirmala is ashamed of her but Satya denies it and tells her that she does not like bananas and asks them to give her some weird fruit.

Prabhu asks Indumati why she is laughing. He replies that he remembers Satya and Prabhu’s post-marriage rituals. They are accompanied by their laugh. Listen to Indumati Kathir and he too acts like a truth. They did their rituals by eating each other bananas and drinking half a cup of milk.

The Priest arrives there to fix their first night of Muhurth. Nirmala Ask her here Is there a need here? Indramathi replies to her that everything needs to happen at the right time to talk to Sadshivam. Kathir’s mother and sister give up on the fact that she wants to make it all because it’s an unexpected wedding.

Kathir and Soumya go to the truth room and thank them for their support. Satya answers her responsibility. She advises Kathir Sadashivam to do anything so be prepared to confront him. Do not act harshly and wait patiently until he receives them. Get the truth down to them. Nirmala and family members teasing her, serving Katheer and Soumya. Sadashivam woke up and listened to his conversation.