Sathya 23 November 2020 Written Update: Prabhu lies to Sathya

Sathya 23 November 2020 Written Update: Prabhu lies to Sathya

Sathya being asked to work the dull. The sannyasi sings the song “Nannaikkam king naan wa azuven ethuvum elanalam aluven”. Truth glanced at him and asked. How was his father? His father is angry at him and his salary for less and less. Prabhu whispered to her that she was asking about her father, we lied to her in a heartbeat. Sasi widens his eyes and reminds it.

Satya asked him and his father was in a critical position but he is singing and dancing happily here? Sasi starts to act like crying when he mentions his papa’s name. Truth begs him, he was right up there What happened to him out of the blue? Prabhu tells her that he is here to forget this but she reminds him of everything, how is he crying now? The truth is sad. How he works here in this state and let him go and be with his father gives him comfort. Sasi thinks this is good and tells her that he will go.

Prabhu glares at him and shakes his hand. Don’t go anywhere. Stay with him. If Prabhu leaves Satya he will cry the same way he did last night. Furthermore he can work here and forget all his impulses. Sasi asks Prabhu why he is not allowed to go out at least for this reason. Prabhu replies that he will not allow him to go alone. Its a ball how he hits six of it. So keep your mouth shut and work here. Then the truth to work here is truth. The saucy pout.

Sasi asks Prabhu what to do. He offers an engine to clean it up. Sasi is doing this. Makan has informed Sathya that he will hold a boxing tournament again but this time it is Rs 5 lakh. He asks her to join it. She answers him she has already heard him but he did not let her in because she is a girl. Many gather there for money but die without knowing its source. Last time a replacement. Hearing this, Sasi starts to cry. Prabhu makes faces.

After a few minutes of 5.30 pm, Prabhu would turn the clock and tell the time to the legislator. He asks why he told him this. He remembers that he had lied to Sathia that his father had a heart attack. Sasi feels fit and good at his father’s house but he had a heart attack. He asks permission of Satya. But she tells her brothers she doubts these two motives.

Prabhu and Sasi bought all the items from the list. He asks where Shashi’s bike is. Will he take him to a different area of ​​the parking lot? Prabhu asked him why he stopped at the mall parking lot instead. That is why he answers him that he is raising a lot of money. When they leave, Sasi notices Satyam on the bike. She snatched her fingers and called them to come.

She calls him Prabhu Sasi because she doesn’t call it cheap. But the truth snapped again and called for both of them. They go near her. They question what they are doing here instead of going to the hospital. Sasi shows off helmet, gloves and mouth guards. Sasi lied to her that her father was a boxer but that’s why he wants to be happy wearing it. Satyam, convinced by his words, leaves them.

Prabhu and Sasi reach the center. But the Lord does not know how to do it. If Sasi questions him what is boxing? Prabhu answers yes. Prabhu asks Shashi to change the dress first. He did his dressing. Coach tells him to warm up again. He asks the coach how to do it