Seeing the paparazzi at the airport, Kapil Sharma was outraged and said – Move back, Owl

Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma was in a wheelchair from the airport on Monday. Some of Kapil’s videos are going viral on social media in which he is sitting in a wheelchair and an attendant is being escorted out of the airport. At this time, Kapil was horrified to see the paparazzi and called the ographer’s owls.

You can see in the video that Kapil is taking an attendant in a wheelchair. This time, the paparazzi start taking photos of him. That’s why Kapil angrily says, “Oh, move all of you.” You guys are abusive. Owl Pit. “The photographer who listened to Kapil’s words said,” Recorded, thank you sir “.

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Kapil has recently become the father of Baby Vibai. He has conveyed this good news to fans via social media. He tweeted, ‘Namaskar, we are the son’s parent this morning. By the grace of God, both the child and the mother are healthy. Thank you for all your love, prayers and prayers.

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A few days ago, Kapil tweeted on behalf of his wife, Ginny, “Thank you all for your love and blessings for our little son.” Fans loved this post by Kapil. In reply to this post by Kapil, the user asked for his son’s name. To which Kapil replied, “Thank you, but the naming is not yet over.”