Sehwag shared the ‘mobile number’ on Twitter and fans were stunned

Virender Sehwag, former opener of the Indian cricket team, is always in discussion on social media. He always entertains his fans with his funny posts. Meanwhile, Sehwag made such a tweet, then surprised all the fans. Sehwag said his phone had fallen in the shower, so call this number.

In fact, on Tuesday, Virender Sehwag wrote, ‘My phone is in the shower and you can talk to me on 9112083319 until it is fixed.’ Fans were shocked to see Sehwag’s tweet, as people began to comment on the post. His fans are in turmoil at the moment, with many believing that Sehwag’s account has been hacked.

Not only that, many fans are decoding Sehwag’s phone number. Sehwag’s number is believed by some to be the score of some of his most memorable innings. The number 319 at the end of the phone number is Sehwag’s best score in Test cricket. At the same time, there are also 83 in the middle of the phone number, which Sehwag made in the final of the 2003 World Cup.

This tweet by Sehwag remains a matter of debate. People are sure that Sehwag will soon reveal the secret of this tweet to his fans. The interesting thing is that they shared this post on both Facebook and Twitter so their account is less likely to be hacked.

The most important thing is that many people started calling that number and people are even putting screenshots of it. But, no one ever said that he talked to Sehwag. Now everyone is waiting for Sehwag’s next post.

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