Sembaruthi 14th January 2021 Written Update: Paravthi’s dilemma

Sembaruthi 14th January 2021 Written Update: Paravthi’s dilemma

The serial begins with Adhi and Parvati entering the wedding venue. They are greeted by the parents of the bride. They sit down. Parvathy notices that there is some heated debate between the bride and the groom’s parents in the mandapa. She tells him the same thing. The groom’s father suddenly stopped the wedding and shocked everyone.

The bride’s parents are appealing with the groom’s father. A relative asks him why he abruptly canceled his marriage. The groom’s father says the bride’s parents cheated. He did not fulfill his promise and did not deliver a demanding dowry. Parvati says something to her and tells the groom’s parents to announce the same. Adhi says his demands are met. The groom’s family agrees to the marriage.

Parvati asks her to stop the marriage. Everyone is shocked. Parvati says she wants to talk to the bride privately. Parvati takes the girl to a corner. She says the groom did not support her when her father stopped the marriage for dowry. She questions if she wants to marry such a backless man. She asks her to decide.

Parvati takes the girl back to the hall. The girl refuses to marry the boy. The groom’s father angrily questions Parvati. The latter says that they have agreed to meet their demand in order to expose the real part of the groom to the bride. The groom’s family leaves the pavilion in anger.

Now the bride’s parents are wondering what to do. The father regrets his decision to marry a daughter to a wealthy family while ignoring his sister’s son. Parvati and Adhi hear the same thing. He calls his sister’s son to the hall. He asks if he wants to marry the girl. He agrees. He then asks the girl the same question. She agrees, too. Parents are happy. Marriage celebrations begin again. Akhila and Vanja are on their way to a wedding. The car breaks down as Vanja prepares. Akhila asks the driver to check what happened.

Everyone is waiting for Akhila at the wedding venue. Parvati says Muhavarat is approaching but Akhila has not yet arrived. Adhi assures her that her mother will arrive on time. Vanaja scolds the driver and tells him to repair the car faster. She says that she has to give thali because everyone is waiting for Akhila in the mantapa. After a while the driver repairs the car. Vanja is happy that everything is going according to her plan.

At the wedding venue, the bride’s parents request Parvati to give the groom a thali as Akhila has not reached it yet. Parvati asks how can she give Thali instead of Akhila. She asks him to wait for Akhila’s arrival. Parents say Muhurath has only 2 minutes left and requests her to agree. Crowd, presenting there, tells Parvati to give the thali in Akhila space. Parvati looks up.