Sembaruthi 23 November 2020 Written Update: Akhila says that tomorrow

Sembaruthi 23 November 2020 Written Update: Akhila says that tomorrow

The serial begins with Akhila announcing to the boys that they will become 1% shareholders of their new company. One of them says that Parvati is right about them. Vanaja questions what Parvati has told them. One boy said she worked as a cook at Akhila’s house. Akhila never let down his employees. She encourages those who are loyal to her.

When Vanaja asks why he has said all this, the boy says he is planning to leave Arun to Nandini. At that time Parvati’s mind changed. He apologizes to Akhila and promises to be loyal to her. Akhila asks Arun to distribute the 1% share records to the boys.

Parvati can be found sleeping. Adi leaves make henna paste. Gaa applies paste to Parvati’s hand while she sleeps. Parvati wakes up in the morning and is delighted to see Mehndi in her arms.

She asks Adi whether she has applied mehndi in her hands. Adhi says yes. She had to wash her hands to make him lunch yesterday, so he applied mehndi while she was asleep. He asks if she is happy. Parvati nods yes. She hugs Adi while playing a romantic song in the background.

Aishwarya phoned Parvati. She thanks Parvati, who does not understand why Aishwarya thanks her. Aishwarya says Arun’s goodness prevented four boys from leaving Arun. He told Akhila everything. She did such a big thing in silence. Parvati says she met him at the temple when she went to pray for Arun and explained the goodness of Akhila.

Aishwarya says four boys helped Arun to win the project. If he had left Arun, it would have been a great loss to Arun. She does not know how to thank Parvati for rescuing Arun from this loss. Parvati says it is her responsibility. Parvati says she prayed that Arun would become a great businessman. Aishwarya says she will definitely be one.

Vanaja comes across Parvati on the road. She questions whether she plans to change Akhila’s mind and enter the house through those four boys. She says she can’t make any plans until she’s there. They say that sending Aishwarya and Arun out of the house is easier than killing Akhila and becoming the next Akhila. Parvati asks Vanaja to stop talking nonsense. She says that she is calm because she is older than her aunt and herself.

Vanaja says Akhila will not be able to enter her home during this live. Akhila can easily be destroyed when she is alone. Parvati says nothing will happen until Akhila is alive. She ruins all her plans against Akhila. Vanaja has challenged Akhila for the next 7 days. Parvati challenges her back to save Akhila.

Gajendiren calls Arun to find out when to start his next project. Arun asks Akila to give him some time to discuss and decide. Purushottamman says decisions can be made as he has successfully completed his previous project. Arun usually says that he is the mother who takes all the mothers and asks how they can change it.

Purushottman says that discussing with Akhila does not mean making decisions. He means talking to Akhila about the project without waiting for his decision. Arun hesitated as Akhika was angry at him. Purushothaman asks if he wants to, he talks to her. Arun says Akhila will wait for his deception. Purushothaman says he can wait after asking his mother about the project. Arun Darshana is sure to wait a month or a year for Akhila’s deception.

During dinner, Akhila notices that Purushottman is reluctant to talk about anything and questions about it. Purushottman asks when will Arun’s next project be? Akhila asks if Arun has asked to hear her.

Purushottman himself listens and narrates his conversation with Arun, which makes Akhila feel great. Akhila says Arun will become great entrepreneurs. Purushotthaman says that Arun will be very happy if she hears her. He asks why she is not guiding him. Akhila tells her that she is responsible and gets the experience when he is alone in everything, which is why she let him handle everything alone. Purushotthaman says Arun can have a nice day to start the new project. Akhila says that tomorrow.