Sembaruthi 5 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini visits Wanja in jail

Sembaruthi 5 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini visits Wanja in jail

In the previous issue Ahila was delighted as Arun informed him that he was working on the airport project. Nandini visits Wanja in jail. Worried, Parvati was about to contact Akhilandeshwari at the temple when she received a call from Anand. Anand is kept by JK hostage, but he does not tell Parvati about it.

In the latest issue of Vanaja decides to write a letter to Akhilandesh. She begins to write a letter but is confused as to how to address Akhilandeshwari in the letter. In prison, the terrified sluggard walked into the vanjana cell.

As Vanaja argues with the sisterhood, the later psychophants A trash basket of ill-fated Mouth Vanja. Vanja collapsed on the floor. Doctors inform Jailer that Wanja is seriously injured and needs to be taken to a government hospital.

Shantini, hostage by J.K. She tells Aditya about the rivalry between her father and JK. She tells Aditya that her father and JK were business partners and now JK wants to have all her father’s wealth.

She tells Aditya that her father will soon be arriving in Mumbai. Shantini hides as she hears the sound of approaching steps. JK walks in and questions Aditya about where Shantini is, but Aditya ignores him. JK’s goons hit Aditya.

When the senses return, Vanja creates ruckus In hospital and refusing to receive treatment. She tells the doctor that Akhileshwari will only accept treatment if she visits him.

The jailer phoned Purushothaman and told him about the state of wildlife.

Purushothaman lies to Akhilandesh about a phone call, but tells Arun about the state of the forest. Elsewhere, Aditya and Shantini call the electrician and request to arrange a phone.

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