Shaadi Mubarak 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

Shaadi Mubarak 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with KT, which I won’t let you do the test. I come with you, you can take any wrong action in anger, I come, Preethi says I am your wife. He looks at her. They come to the hospital.

I got a call from the hospital, they say I came here for a blood donation .. They go to hear at the reception. They say I have a call for blood, I want to visit a patient once. He goes to see the patient. They are shocked to see Arjun.

Arjun has lost so much blood, he wants to be with you, hear Preethi, he was drunk in the morning, he had an accident, thank God, you came, he has a rare blood group like you, he is your son, his habits and blood match with you, see the result of not accepting him , You are responsible for it, accept him as your son, he is fighting to the death, no mother can lie at this time, your blood can save him, please save him.

KT remembers Arjun’s words and is sad. The Dadi asks Katie to come for a blood donation. KT goes on. Nandini asks Preethi to be with Arjun. He says I want to go and pray for his life. She goes and finally KT believes in me.

Priyanka and Asta call on Kusum to fix the cylinder. Kusum tries and says you should learn the little things, I left all these things after I got the sauce, Juhi does everything, my mum was saying that the person should not leave his job, you are both educated, you too know it. Neil comes home. Priyanka you say here. Neil says yes. He meets Kusum. I am Astha, everyone should know my name.

Asta says we need a hero to save our heroine. He asks Auntie? She says no, cylinder. She asks him to take off his shoes. He goes to fix the cylinder. He said, I stayed in a hostel and learned everything, I’m a good chef. Asta says that every girl likes you, if the chef is like you … Kusum asks her to go.

Kusum says she went over to me, she’s naughty. Neil asks if we can get started. Kusum says yes, Priyanka take him there. Priyanka asks what is it. Kusum says that Neil is doing MBA, Preethi said he needs tuition, Priyanka can teach, go and teach him. Thanks for the help of Neil Priyanka.

K.T., near Arjun. Preethi asks if you have given blood. They say yes. Don’t worry, Arjun is fine. KT asks for Preethi hope. She nods. She comforts him. He cries and hugs her. Abhi Muz May… .Place…. I checked Arjun’s reports, his date of birth coincides, which means he is my son, I am his father, what do I tell him.

Preethi Arjun needs his father, your anger diminishes with your anger, the day you receive him, he forgets everything and remembers your Preethi. They say everything is very strange.

After our marriage, there is so much drama going on in my life, you hate me, they say I am too selfish. She thinks it’s not hate, but I don’t understand it. They say I’m sorry. She lets him hold Arjun’s hand. He will weep.

She goes out and asks why I am leaning towards him, he is hurt and I am in pain, thinking what is going on. KT sleeps on her shoulder. She also sleeps. In the morning of it, Preethi wakes up and finds K.T. Her saree gets caught.

She turns and looks at him. Ike Tara… .prayers…. She clears her sari and goes. Arjun wakes up and tells KT Pa. KT wakes up and looks at him. He goes near Arjun.

Arjun turns away. KT asks that you not talk to me. He asks Arjun to make a fresh start. They replay the moment of their first visit. They say my son is Arjun Tibrewal. He embraces Arjun. They say you won, AT, you found your father, you’re with me now in my house. Cried Arjun.

Precape: Welcome to Arjun’s house, Neelima. Arjun asks Nandini to come. Nandini gets there. Everybody is shocked. Arjun says KT asked Amma to come. Preethi looks at Katie.

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